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A Wild Lurker Emerges!

Hello all!

As my title suggests, I'm usually content to simply lurking the forums. Especially in ones like these where the game isn't even out yet. I'm usually patient enough to just wait until the game is out before doing the usual analysis and judging. But this one has me unusually hyped to the point where I'm starving for information/videos and, more relevant, there's a couple of discussion threads I feel like taking part in.

I hope to get along with you all! Though I'll probably just go back to lurking after a few posts since I either have very little to say, or become extremely long-winded, feeling the need to explain EVERYTHING in attempt to not be misunderstood (which happens anyways) and am fairly self conscious about it. XD


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    Welcome to do community.

    I case you don't know alpha of the game will be released in late 2017. It is nice if you stay and post some more because you will increase chances to get alpha and don't forget to use refer & win to bring friends in the game. Developers are releasing the series of videos soon you can find part 1 <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. If you have some other questions just ask them.
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    A patient lurker in the shadows! Welcome assassin!

    However Slovenian friend @NedeljskiH60 linked the Q&A video, allow me to extend with two useful infos, join to the Discord:

    Also, you should read about <a href="" target="_blank">weekly key drawings here</a>.
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