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Apply for early tests or simply own a registered account?

as the title says, I was just wondering if you were going to have an application for early testers or simply allow players who have registered accounts to be drawn. I love watching games evolve, particularly from the first playable phases watching features be added and depth be drawn from the game as time progresses, and possibly aiding in that process.
I have some history as a tester on some famous and semi famous games (Hawken online, Wildstar, league of legends, and elsword online to name the most well known) and have yet to see a game allow early testers without at least an application process. this also holds personal value to me as I can have a chance to show off some of the acquired knowledge and skills gained from my previous experience in early testing of games which I will avoid listing so that this entire thing doesn't feel like a completely shameless plug.
so TL:DR
is there any way to make sure I am in the running to be a tester for this game? and is there any way to insure that if I cannot get in purely based on my credentials that I can put myself in the front of the pack?
Thank you, a new fan, M.


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    hi there skullhorn89,

    currently the only way to gain access to the alpha/beta testing is through the weekly key drawings. by signing up to the website your automatically entered into the draws. the way the weekly key drawing work can be found in more detail <a href="" target="_blank">in this post</a>
    winning a key allows you to enter the closed alpha planned for the end of 2017.

    in the near future you will be able to "buy" access through the crowd sourcing campaign, but thats for the 2018 alpha.
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