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Please review these Community Guidelines & Code of Conduct:

Greetings and welcome to the Ashes of Creation Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct for the official game forums and Discord. When you sign up to use the forums or Discord, you automatically agree to adhere to these rules. Therefore, please make sure you know what you’re agreeing to! Don’t worry, there aren’t too many things to worry about and most of these will be common sense.

Community Moderators

- The Community Moderators are members, chosen by Steven, to maintain the peace, while helping members as much as they possibly can. The idea is to create and keep a fun yet stable environment without toxicity.

Posting Rules and Regulations

- Don’t Be a Jerk! Pretty self-explanatory. Don’t post personal attacks and do not harass/flame other users or employees of Intrepid Studios. Racist, sexist, misogynistic, discussions of rape or brutality, homophobic, and other types of offensive messages may be removed. This means not inciting any unnecessary drama or toxicity. Good rapport amongst your fellow members is key to the success of our community!  

- No Discussion of Illegal Activity Inappropriate discussions of illegal content or behavior are not allowed.  

- No Discussion of Politics or Religion We are here to discuss and promote Ashes of Creation, not discuss Politics, or Religion.  If you want to have conversations that will likely offend other people, take it to Private Messages.

- No Personal Information Under no circumstances should you post personal information about yourself or others, including your address, e-mail address, where you go to school, credit card information, phone number, etc. If posted, this information will be deleted by a moderator.

- WTF & Cursing Cursing is considered pretty normal in MMOs, especially via acronyms like “WTF”. That’s okay and we’re a more seasoned bunch of nerds. Don’t let it get out of hand though. Moderators have a right to edit or remove posts they feel are too offensive.

- No Monetary Transactions Under no circumstances will monetary transactions be permitted to be posted. This includes offering or requesting payment for help leveling up, in-game items, alpha/beta keys, artwork for your character, etc. This is simply because we cannot help you if anything goes wrong and certain types of things (such as payment for help leveling) are against our game’s terms of service.

- Community Stewardship If you can, please be helpful and courteous. You're more than welcome to always provide constructive feedback and respectfully disagree with your fellow members.

- No NSFW Posting inappropriate images or topics is frowned upon and may have the said posts removed immediately. This includes NSFW (not safe for work). After repeated incidents, the person(s) involved will be removed from the server.

- No SPAM Do not SPAM links or posts to the server. Additionally, please do not post any malicious links in the chat/forums.

- Guild Recruitment If you wish to recruit for your Guild, then please go to the #guild_recruitment channel in Discord or the appropriate Guild Recruitment thread on the forums.


- Repeated offenders will be placed in time-out for a period of time. If it continues, they will be timed out for progressive periods of time and/or banned from the server permanently.

Forum specific rules

- Keep necromancing in-game! Please do not “necro” old threads or “bump” threads by posting miscellaneous messages.

- One comment is more than enough. Do not cross-post the same message in multiple threads.

Ashes of Creation Community Manager


  • GMStevenGMSteven Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi guys, What an amazing first 3 days with the kickstarter! Our live streams are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm PDT! I just wanted to update you that threads started on these forums with malicious or slanderous intent will not be allowed.  Valid concerns and questions are of course always welcome! But I will be closing and removing any threads that I feel are posted with dishonest intent, or a clear motive to spread misinformation.  We are doing this project out of a pure passion for the genre, and I dont want to give the trolls a voice here. With love, Steven  
  • TechTerrorTechTerror Member
    Wanna leave a link to your stream page? <3
  • HelzbelzHelzbelz Member ✭✭
    Thank you Steve,

    I am really looking forward to Ashes. Though I wish you could create a time machine and send us forward in time so we can have the game released today. :) Nope not trolling just really want to play. :)
  • tentimestentimes Member
    I think some of the crap that was spouted has actually slowed the Kickstarter, which is a crying shame. Having waded through the nonsense on Reddit, any person with half a brain can see this misinformation is clearly malicious.

    Just keep calm and carry on!
  • SliceEffectSliceEffect Member Phoenix Initiate
    [quote quote=15109]I think some of the crap that was spouted has actually slowed the Kickstarter[/quote]

    I think thats possible, but I'm sure that if they would release some more gameplay, especially during the kickstarter still here, they would get a much larger influx of backers. Its big now, but people have been craving for more gameplay. Something the crew should consider if they would like to receive more backing on kickstarter.
  • AeonAuronAeonAuron Member alpha-0-rank
    [quote quote=15103]Wanna leave a link to your stream page? <3


  • FleelixFleelix Member alpha-0-rank
    Good work.


    [Sieges] [Arenas] [Battlegrounds]

    EU - PVP

  • PenguinV2PenguinV2 Member ✭✭
    Very well done mate
  • AenAen Member
    Steven, i am glad you guys are taking a stand against trolls. Thanks bud! Congrats on the success so far!
  • uchigatanaNZuchigatanaNZ Member
    Love the marketing strategy with cash back..... Everyone who moans clearly is annoyed they themselves did not think of it. Fellow game dev in UE4, love ya Alpha work so far. UE4 is a nightmare so far for my small team so I can only imagine the task you have before you especially with serialization and deserialization and net code.

    I wish you the best of luck!
  • Belle-bot.exe ♡Belle-bot.exe ♡ Moderator admin
    UPDATED July 18th, 2018

    Greetings and a warm welcome to the Ashes of Creation Community!

    Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to message me here or in the Discord at Belle-bot.exe ♡#1421

    Make sure to take a glance at our Code of Conduct and FAQs:

    Community Guidelines & Code of Conduct

    Technical Support FAQ

    Customer Service FAQ

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