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What kind of game?

So i was wondering how will i be able to play the game.
I've recently heard that it will be subscribtion based game for 15 dollar a month.
i was wondering if it's decided like that or if it could turn out to be Buy to play where u only buy it once, cos that would be a lot nicer since i, and probably, many others don't have the money to pay every month, and it could help in making the game more popular.


  • There will be no box price, but the subscription is confirmed, so you could play for 4 months with just the "box price" equivalent.
    If you don't have 15 a month to spare you can always network for the next few months to 2 years and make use of the referal program.

    They have a lot of stuff planned that will have monthly costs like an ACTIVE GM community to get rid of a lot of nasty stuff that makes other buy to play, free to play, cashshop games a nightmare.
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