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Hellooooo everyone! c:

Hi! My name is sylvienoir or sylvie or sylv or whatever. This game looks dope - so excited to see what else you guys bring to the table. I believe in you!!! <3<3<3
I live in WA w/ my boyfriend, 2 dogs, & 2 birds. I just found out about this game today from The LazyPeon's youtube channel, as I'm sure many of us have hahaha. So far all I've done today is watch videos of different people talking about the same 10min of content you guys have released so far, and I'm just hooked man. Idk what else to do. Literally hours of videos picking apart those gameplay videos, and yknow what deathpoxy pointed out?? the trees are animated & rustle & are beautiful
So as some background, I've played WoW since I was 12. I typically main druid so I'm hoping to see a class that is nature based but elements work as well (mage looks sick btw)
FOR SO LONG we have all searched for a new MMO to play...everyone always promises the world to us, and delivers very little of it. I can't believe that this game is only in pre-alpha, like seriously it is literally unbelievable you guys must be lying to us (jk ;D)
I played BDO for a while but personally, and it's nothing against eastern MMOs, but I am just not into them. The RNG, weird amount of sexuality, & anime things. Like every one of them needs a **** race (except BDO weirdly)- why? No one knows. But this game REALLY attracts me because like people are actually wearing armor, HOLY CRAP WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN? As a girl, it's important for me to have a choice in the matter...sure straight dudes get to look at the bodies, but it doesn't particularly do anything for me & if I want to be immersed I can't walk around half naked.
Anyway, rant over. JS this game looks like it's really trying to turn this trend around of p2w and stupid stuff like that. Most MMOs today just seem like a cash grab.
So, I've participated in I think 3 WoW betas, ESO beta, & Riders of Icarus beta. Other than that I've played GW2, TERA, Rift, Archeage, Runescape (WHO HASN'T THO?), & probably more that I can't remember right now but might edit into the list later.

TLDR; this game looks pretty darn neato and i'm so SUPER HYPED about it.


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    stay active on the forums or discord and you might end up with a free alpha or beta key to test the game in a couple months. (Q42017).

    Other than that there will be Kickstarter Packs in the future aswell for those of us who cant wait for a free test :D

    The devs of AoC actually remind me a lot of Grinding Gear Games (PoE) back in the days. Started with 10 people and now 4 years later they have one of the biggest games on the market.

    AoC's devs seem to have a similar attitude like GGG had back when they started creating there game so that's a good thing i guess :) Time for a decent western MMO without a cash grab shop.
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    You have a wonderful name, even though I'm certain I can't pronounce it! Lol It's pretty cool that you've done a lot of beta tests before, I've done a few: Skyforge, Legend of Edda, Dragonica, and some testing for MapleStory.

    Before I got a full-time job, I was playing Guild Wars 2, Lineage II, and FlyFF. I think this new game will finally ease the itch in my mind though!
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    Haha oh yeah, FFIV is another one I played. I forgot :o
    I played maplestory but I BARELY remember it.
    I'm really hoping for an alpha key o.o this game looks insanely amazing
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    Hey there female warrior!

    If you want the most fine collected intel, you can <a href="" target="_blank">find it here</a>.

    Also, the official statement <a href="" target="_blank">how the weekly key </a>draws work.

    I think you should also watch the Dev Q and A for maximum hype:

    Also, don’t forget to pop up in Discord: Since most of the info appears there 1st.
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    Welcome Sylvienoir! interesting name. Come on in and take a seat around the fire that is the forums.
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    Thanks so much guys~
    I joined the discord right after signing up! Haha. I'm sylvienoir on there as well. don't have a ton of time until after the weekend to chat and be on the forums but tomorrow I shall begin my journey toward getting to know everyone~
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    Sweet can't wait to see you on discord then! :)
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