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ATTENTION all Mercs, Murderers and ****!

TEMPUS God of BATTLES calls for your blades and pointy sticks! The blood of the rich is in need of spilling and our pockets in need of filling!

Battle awaits! Join us, if:
-You are willing to kill ANYTHING we tell you to kill!
-You are capable of talking $hit and taking $hit!(NO SAFE SPACES)
-You are able to stay in Discord at ALL TIMES during login time.

You MUST be of AGE to slay beside us! So if you've never bedded a Woman then need NOT APPLY!

TEMPUS is willing to work WITH others but NOT for ANYONE!
If you cross us we WILL end you,
If you double cross us we will end you, your Mother, Father, Brother,Sister...burn down your House
...kill your family dog ect.. (Do not double cross us, seriously)

– Do Dungeons
– Crafting
– Salvage
– Level Grinding
– Anything fun at the time


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