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Dwarf Fisherman looking for a good fishing hole. Is this the place?

Hello all you fellow Ashes,

As a long time pen-n-paper, CRPG, and MMO gamer this game is looking like something that I could enjoy after walking away from MMO's; WoW - Quit four years ago this month; was flying off to do the dailys and asked myself "What am I doing?" When the only answer I could come up with was "Same stuff, different day" I knew it was time to walk away. ESO - Thought that game would be different enough to be worth my time; found it to be pretty much like the others. Even tho' the changes have improved it somewhat it's still a static world, theme park, egg crate game. Found many others to be similar or not to my taste visually, combat-wise, etc.

Should this game have most of the following unique selling points then the sub will be worth it;

1) Non-static world; Let the main world change based on players actions as well as in-actions.
2) Player driven economy - Different areas needing different items or amounts of items that will drive a demand and supply economy.
3) Player generated factions - Naturally made factions instead of artificial red-vs-blue.
4) Resource nodes that do not respawn based on a timer - Woods must be given time to re-grow, mines are tapped out until the player invests time and money enough to restart it (if they strike another vein, may not), pelts not available if area over-hunted, etc.
5) World bosses that are not just loot pinatas but have their own motives and needs, and do not have any artificial leashes.

From reading the FAQ and watching vids it looks as tho' many of those points are covered, and a couple are even better than asked for.

Looking forward to watching the development and hoping the team can deliver most of what they envision.

Good luck and good hunting!


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    I welcome you to the community! <Offers a hot cup of herbal tea>

    I'm glad to see the devs have met some criteria that a highly experienced RPGer as you are might have. Intrepid studios have definitely formed a strong trust between fans with Steven as their leader who has a formittable amount of experience in other MMOs (not to mention the experience of every other member of their team). So I myself really feel this will be a resourceful fishing hole for any kind of fishermen and something to keep looking forward in the future.

    I believe you have done your own research considering the game but I'd like to remind people to get on the community discord (see link in my signature).

    Hope you'll enjoy the waiting :)
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