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Hello everyone,

My name is Jarred and I'm super excited to try this game out as soon as possible. The hype is real, the dev's are real, and the community seems real (thus far), so I have high hopes. I'm definitely wondering what this game has to offer as far as equipment, quests, and skills go. Anyways, nice to meet you all.



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    Hi and welcome! I too am a subject of the hype train. Since I joined there hven't been a day I wouldn't think of the game. ^^'

    For any questions be sure to check <a href="" target="_blank">community infoboard</a> and the info post about <a href="" target="_blank">weekly key drawings</a>. Be sure to also check in discord (link in my description).

    Hope you'll enjoy the waiting :)
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    Welcome adventurer!

    I think @VelvetBacon left only one thing out the Dev Q and A is a must watch for maximum hype:
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    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! I'll definitely give the Q&A another watch (I watched it before coming to the forum). I'll be reading through the key drawings too!
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