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Sell Sword Guilds [EU]

Morning/Afternoon/Evening all.

As Guilds can aid other guilds in sieges, I will probably be setting up a guild that is mainly focused on PvP but don't want to "settle" in one node but move around and help other guild in sieges if they offer up a big enough price.

As there isn't a huge amount of information about the game, I am open to suggestion to what sort of things a guild similar to my ideals could do and if anyone else is interested, then you can comment below.

As for my guild, It would welcome any people no matter age, sex, whatever else... however, if there is a guild discussion, English is the language that would be spoken.

I am also aware that people have lives, although not all, so I understand people won't be on all the time, even myself may be in university at the time of release and so not available all the time, so being a time commitment wont be needed, as it will be more casual.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. And any ideas anyone wants to add, also.. just comment.

Thank peeps.


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