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So what do we know so far

Hey guys. Is there anywhere I can go that has all the lore we know so far about the game? I love playing mmos for the story and I'm running out of stuff about this game to watch or read and I still haven't found any lore.


  • Basically what we know so far in a TL;DR format:
    The world we play in used to be inhabited by our ancestors, but a sort of armageddon happened, where creatures were "corrupted", making them evil or chaotic or something... Our ancestors fled the world using portals, and we are just now traveling back there, eternities later.
  • Any updated info about this?
  • [quote quote=13732]Any updated info about this?


    They've given us a little more background on the 6 confirmed races so far, but it is all very generic stuff that tells us nothing about the game world. Steven is very keen to keep us in the dark regarding the lore until we actually play the game for ourselves.
  • Do we know from a Lore standpoint where we start.. So the world had an Armageddon and we used portals to where, to wait to return...

    Trying to figure out where the story starts...
  • What do we know so far?

    This ~
  • all i know is the world is cursed with corruption. everything that is red is corrupted that also go's for pvp(you become red you're corrupted).
    when you see the yeti-monster-boss-thingy its got the red glow on its face.. so i guess thats a big part of the lore.
    its all i got lol. :D
  • Is there any information on this topic posted by the Devs?

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