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Stepping Out Of The Portal

Hey everyone, I've known about his game as long as DeathsProxy has been covering it's progress on YouTube, followed him over from Dark and Light. This game is more up my ally as far as MMOs go anyway. Just excited to get to know some people in the community!


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    Hey there GanValZimm!

    Happy to see that you are so excited! Make sure you join us on Discord if you have any specific questions! You can join the discord here: [url=] Dicord link[/url].
    If you want to check out all the things that have been revealed up until now, check out [url=]this spreadsheet[/url]!
    If you can't wait to play, just like the rest of us, there's a way to get pre-Alpha access. You can find more information about this on this forum topic: [url=] click me! [/url]

    I hope I've informed you enough for now. Make sure you drop by on Discord.
    Enjoy your stay!
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    <set's up his makeshift table and places his familiar teaset around it>

    Welcome, with Nyaan-san already covering everything, I'll just sit back and offer some tea, to relax a bit while enjoying some good conversation.
    Hope you enjoy the ride on the hype train and get to knew lot's of new people.
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    Hey thanks, I've been pouring over Youtube and the Forums for details xD
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    <sips tea> How welcoming.
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    <takes seat at the table and pours himself a cup of tea>

    A good cup of tea always breaks the ice, Meow?
    Now if you like being accompanied by enthousiastic people, make sure to join our Teaparty. *cough* I mean our Guild, with Grisu-san as leader!

    <stands up from the table>

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have Shiroe check me on fleas. Meow!

    (([url=] Guild link[/url]))
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