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Hello :)

Hey community of Ashes of Creation.

I just found out that this game existed and I am already so hyped about it. I can't believe I've been living under a rock and didn't notice this game, until now. I am a huge MMO lover, so I cannot wait to read into the Lore and the overall gameplay. Just wanted to pop in. See you in game :D


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    Hello krAth!

    Welcome to the community, hope you have a nice stay and enjoy your time here!
    If you need any information on how to win an Alpha key, check out [url=] this [/url] forum post.

    For a summary of the mechanics etc. check out [url=]this spreadsheet[/url]!

    For questions to the community and/or developers, you can join the discord here: [url=] Discord link[/url].

    I hope I have informed you enough with this. If you have any more questions you can always drop me a message on discord or ask everyone else in the discord server!
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    Hey Brolorz, thank you so much for the link, they will be of great help. Have a wonderful day. ^-^
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    Hey krAth!

    Welcome to Ashes of Creation! I hope you'll enjoy your stay and not leave before the game actually releases. There's a lot to learn and even more coming. Hype train is going at 120%!
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    Elchein, don't you worry about that, I am here to stay. I've been looking for a new and refreshing MMO for so long, and I think this might be it. I'm super excited for this game. :D
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    Welcome krAth to the hype train *choo-choo!*

    What existing MMO have you enjoyed the most
    and what are you most excited about in ashes?

    Hope to see you on discord and I hope you'll have a great time waiting among the rest of us :)
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    Welcome to the forums come sit down and enjoy yourself! Nice to see a new face and a good looking on at that lol.
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