Greetings, glorious adventurers! If you're joining in our Alpha One spot testing, please follow the steps here to see all the latest test info on our forums and Discord!


Veteran MMO'r here who has been waiting for something fresh, new and bold. From what I have seen so far, this looks to fit that bill. I will be following this development closely.

Look forward to meeting all sorts of excellent people as well. :þ



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    Hey there Knightfal!

    Happy to see that you are so interested in the development! Make sure you join us on Discord if you have any specific questions about the development! You can join the discord here:[url=] Dicord link.[/url]
    If you want to check out all the things that have been revealed up until now, check out[url=] this spreadsheet[/url]!
    If you can’t wait to play, just like the rest of us, there’s a way to get pre-Alpha access. You can find more information about this on this forum topic: [url=]click me![/url]

    I hope I’ve informed you enough for now. Make sure you drop by on Discord.
    Enjoy your stay!
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    Brolorz - Thanks brother...good information indeed. Up on Discord and the spreadsheet (dev doc rather) is great!

    Thanks much!

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    <set's up his makeshift table and places his familiar teaset around it>

    Welcome, well looks like Nyaan-san is a busy little bee already covering everything everywhere. Looks like I'll just sit back and offer some tea, to relax a bit while enjoying some good conversation.
    Hope you enjoy the ride on the hype train and get to knew lot's of new people.
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    Heya! I'm new around here as well, guessing that there are a lot of us newcomers, probably due to a certain Orcs video. Seems like this game in drawing in a lot of the SWG crowd which is great, gonna be awesome to get to reconnect with that community a bit. I would say that I can't wait for the game, but honestly I hope they take as long as they need to deliver the most polished and perfected thing that they can. Now, what I can't wait for is more information, Part of me is so happy to be joining the community so early in so that I can watch as everything develops but at the same time I wish that I would have found out just before launch. It's like when you get into a new series but it's only part way through a season so instead of just binge watching it you have to wait a week between episodes, y'know, of course you do.

    Anyways, hope to see you around the forums and in game someday! Have a good one!
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    Thank you Grisu and Whitewash ,

    Here is to helping build and play something proper and groundbreaking. *cheers*

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