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What is love? Baby, don't hurt me...


After watching TheLazyPeon's video about this game, I felt a feeling of feelings that I haven't felt since my feelings were smashed into itty-bitty pieces by the last indie game that I thought would be a smash hit. (That would be the short-lived, often-resurrected disaster known as "Greed Monger".... FML)

Anyways, after a long strain of disappointments, I seriously hope that this game will actually turn out to be as awesome as it sounds. Especially since everything I ever wanted, a.k.a. EverQuest Next, went down the toilet.

I'll mostly be a lurker, especially if these forums become too crowded. I'm much more into the tight-nit community feeling.

TL;DR: I want this game to Dwayne Johnson.


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    Welcome to the forums Jango. Yeah I agree with you we can only hope for the best.
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    Hi Jango!

    It seems like we are getting a lot of people who were interested in EQNext. I have high hopes for this game also. I just wanted to say welcome to the community!
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    Yeah this shares many of the same thing that EQN was trying to do.
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