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Hello to those in search of a new MMO

My name is Gaeleath, and i just stumbled upon this game by...... i don't even remember how i found out about it to be honest...but here i am.

I've been looking for a MMO(RPG) to call home for a very long while now. But the past few years have been full of dissapointment.
ArcheAge was wonderfull during it's alpha stage(s) and the first few months after release. I LOVED the trading, the combat and ofcourse the sea. But when it became Pay2Win i had to pack my bags and leave it. BDO seemed fun, but was in my opinion a tad too grindy to really enjoy. Currently i'm supporting and following the development of Chronicles of Elyria but....i just have a bad feeling...nvm that.

But i've not made this topic to rant about past bad experiences. I was really looking for a game that was already in it's alpha or Beta stage, so i just had to buy a starter package and hop it. But this game, atleast the info provided by the creator, got me interested, and it's always fun to be part of something that's just in its baby steps. Hopefully the community will grow and become more active!

....oh yeah, i'm turning 25 tomorrow and i'm from the conclude my intro ;)


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    Welcome Gaeleath! I know that feeling of looking for an MMO home. Been looking for years now to recapture my Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot and then World of Warcraft days. I spent many years in each and that sense of adventure.

    I fondly remember sitting on the edge of the Bog of Cullun zone in Dark Age of Camelot. Not really doing anything just sitting and looking. I miss that feeling terribly and hope that a game can recapture that for me.

    Also, Happy Birthday!
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    Welcome mate and happy birthday!
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    I agree with the lack of quality mmorpgs in the last few years. There's been a huge influx but no quality. All falling prey to the pay2win model. I would totally buy a game and buy in game cosmetics to support game development. Would even pay a sub as I've paid for years with WoW but i'm just tired of the same thing over and over. I want something exciting. Simple, but consuming and with depth in world pvp content and risk reward in trading routes like in the previously mentioned Archeage before it failed.
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    Many people were burned by ArcheAge. Overall it had some phenomenal potential that got killed in the gear and P2W aspects hammering the playerbase with a bad taste.

    It had a lot of fantastic things like the naval combat (when you weren't flying off your ship), risky but worthwhile trade routes, player housing and farming that could provide lots of resources/fun even a place to hang out, and my favorite the ability to post your own Jpgs into your game. I had my naked ArcheAge character spread out across both continents on Kyrios. There's nothing like rolling up to a merchant ship to steal their cargo when you notice your naked body plastered all over their sails.
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    Greetings Gaeleath !

    Like you I've only recently discovered this game and am hesitantly optimistic. I've been yearning for an MMO to really sink my teeth into for bloody ages now, and this is honestly the first time I've done a double take and thought....hmmmmm....maybe :-). I realise it's all very early so that seems a bit silly, but just from the info we have at the moment, it speaks to me as a player much more than any others on the market right now or even in development.

    It's interesting that you mentioned Chronicles of Elyria as I think I may have found out about Ashes from the forums over there lol! I'm not quite sure what to make of CoE yet, but as above, Ashes just tickles my fancy a bit more so far. I'm very much looking forward to what the future holds.

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    Why hello there @Gaeleath <3 Certainly a belated welcome, but better late than never ;)
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    Welcome @Gaeleath, even though we've spoken a few times before :)
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    Welcome @Gaeleath
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    Oh hai @Gaeleath
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    Image result for welcome to the party meme
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    Glad to have you stumble into our mad house @Gaeleath
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    Gelukkige Verjaardag* @Gaeleath !

    I do understand your thoughts re how 'games go bad' and disappoint. Hence we're all here! Good to have you with us!!!

    (Apologies if that's not '*Happy Birthday' in Dutch - but blame the internet if so!)
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    Welcome to the communality. Hope you have fun on the forum.
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    Baelwyn strikes again!!!  Welcome...or hello veteran by now???
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