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Excited to See the Game Develop

Just dropping by to say hello and send the devs a little encouragement. What I've seen so far is really promising, and I love the ideas coming out of the team. I'm especially impressed with the ideas behind the node system and am really looking forward to seeing how that evolves and matures.

Also, how great was the animation in the node explainer video? It looked almost like a mini-game, and I totally wanted to play. Props to the creative team behind it.


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    Welcome 3seed! yeah I agree with you on the nodes. I cant wait to see how they work in game!
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    Hello and welcome 3seed!

    The hype is real within this one, I sence. I strongly suggest joining the community discord but before asking (or even thinkin about any) questions, you should read this <a href="" target="_blank">community info</a>. It will offer answers to most of your wondering.

    Btw. I wasn't being serious earlier, feel free to ask anything :)
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    That document is quite comprehensive. Thanks for sharing.

    So far, it all sounds great, which is actually pretty typical in the early stages of a game's development. I have a good feeling about this one though and have my fingers crossed.
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