(the) Royal Guard [EU/ENG]

Welcome to the Royal Guard, Ashes of Creation's most solid and tactical guild.

The foundation.
The guild is led by 3 main commanders and several generals and captains. These people have some very important roles and spend numerous of hours in the game/guild home every day. These people, the "Royal Guard's Nodekeepers", design tactical goals for the guild's future and it is of great importance that every guild member does what he/she need to, for the goal to reach it's goals. Therefor, the Nodekeepers will always make sure every citizen of the Royal Guard's nodes have a happy "game life" with a lot of game content.

The political part.
In the Royal Guard, any one has the chance to become a man/woman with political power. The more you play and contribute to the guild, the more "Royal Reputation (RP)" you will earn. The Royal Guard have a list of ranks that you can reach with your RP, ranging from "Nodekeeper" (highest) to "Royal Assistant" (lowest). But be aware, even tho our guild offers political powers to any one, the job really is not suited for any one. Political people must do everything that regular guild members has to (with just very few exceptions). Being a part of this powerful group can be very tough, so think carefully before you decide to apply for the Royal Guard's political group.

The kingdom of the Royal Guard.
Royal Guard's main mission is to establish a gigantic kingdom and to control major parts of the world by landmass, political influence, armed forces and alliances. The guild focuses on every aspect of the game and strives to become number one in each of those aspects.

Just like a family...
In the Royal Guard, people care for each other. The Nodekeepers very often creates guild goals that forces guild members to work and explore together. No one is allowed to feel alone, unless he/she wishes to (of course).

- What is expected by the members?
Guild members must be active - that's most important. Besides that, members must be able to speak English and act mature.

- Can I expect to see some more information here soon?
Yes of course! Very soon :)


  • Any more info? Are you active?
  • "Just like a family..."

    I'm all for family like guilds but, how do you treat controversy and infighting at family reunions?
  • Sounds cool. Too bad I'm NA
  • Karthos said:
    Sounds cool. Too bad I'm NA
    Ya seems it's a often a hindrance to be here in NA.  
  • Yeah sounds pretty cool and they speak english which is helpful...tempting 
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    edited January 2018
    Like the sound of this guild, i will be keeping a close eye on any updates and hope to be in touch soon about 3 or 4 players making the cut for The Royal Guard guild, we are all soon making the jump to buy either Voyager Pre-Order Pack or the, Intrepid Pre-Order Pack and consist of 2 players from Engalnd, 1 from Sweden and 1 from Germany, all of whom speak great English.
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