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Races Q

Can I role a Dwarf!?!?


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    <set's up his makeshift table and places his familiar teaset around it>

    Yes, yes you can, and looking at the pictures, maybe even some hawaian dwarfs hehe.
    Dwarfs are a confirmed race, so nothing to worry there.

    There has been a great effort to gather all we know so far and write it up in a <a href="">community doc</a>

    Other than that you might want to not miss the hidden door<a href=""> to the discord.</a>

    Hope you enjoy the ride on the hype train and get to knew lot's of new people.
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    Grisu, I really hope for your sake and sanity that this game has a great RP community. And Arcadius, if you head on over to the Media > Concept Art up on the top bar of the website you can see the aforementioned Hawaiian Dwarves in all their loveliness as well as the "regular" non-tropical breed.
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    Excellent info here! Really answers a ton of questions about the game.
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