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Husaria [PL] PVE/PVP

Witajcie :D
Hello everyone,

Guild for Polish.

I am not sure what kind of guild it should be or what we should be doing, but I think it's a great idea to be able to somehow connect us, Poles, together in the game when it will be released.

I was thinking that we could be an all-in-one, jack-of-all-trades, guild. Having a part of people playing here and there, some people would prefer to be crafters, sure why not, others would prefer to be gatherers, great, some would prefer to play PVP, some PVE. We could have events and stuff.

I don't know :D It would be the first time I would be guild master, so any help, advices etc would be nice :D



  • Witam, :)
    Hello, Ryuthus,

    That's an amazing idea to make a guild exclusively for Polish folks, it has a lot of pros, but also cons, which can be dealt with, if the guild manage to create a large and strong, Polish oriented community.

    I don't think it matters now much that the guild don't have a particular aim at the moment, because nobody played the game, and I wouldn't be surprised, if some guilds after the release will change entirely their directions upon verifying, how the game will look like.

    I would very likely want to become a part of Husaria (when I saw that name, I immediately thought that in every MMORPG game, where Polish guilds exist, there must be one named Husaria :P, but that's not a bad thing, I think it fits well with the context of the guild), if it manages to become a big and successful project.
  • Są i nasi :D

    Well, that's a great idea, especially when we've got some time to team up left. I was dreaming about Dwarven guild, but when I saw polish one I'm in coma :p What about the guild name... I was making same name where it was possible :D Summarizing... great idea and I'm waiting for updates how it is going with our small polish society inside AoC ;)

    Best regards,
    Wielkie pozdro ;)
  • @Ryuthus , I can Really sense the Enthusiasm in your post  : 3 
    While i may not be Polish, But I'm sure others will be here to Support your Idea ^~^
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