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Returning to MMORPGs because of AoC and saying hello :D

well just wanted to pass by this forum and say hello.

As the title suggests I played MMORPG's mainly for quite some time (L2, Rappelz, Aion, GW2 and Tera and a few smaller ones and some KR betas) but after the ArcheAge fiasco I really dropped the whole genre as a whole as I couldn't really get into older and newer games a like. But well once I found out about AoC I thought this could be something and I really hope it is what I expected it to be but we will see that in the future.

See you around :D


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    Welcome to the AoC community.. You can also find the AoC discord and then there is a large community on there that are willing to answer any questions you have
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    As another player that got burnt by other titles it's refreshing to see people find a game designed by gamers and see what could be their next MMO.

    Time to sit back, let it all sink in, and watch the progress, eh.
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    Greetings Bell!

    Welcome to the community, hope you have a nice stay and enjoy your time here!
    Here's a couple of links to additional information about AoC.

    If you need any information on how to win an Alpha key, check out [url=]this forum post[/url].

    For a summary of the mechanics and a summary of what has been revealed about the game up until now, check out [url=]this spreadsheet[/url]!

    For questions to the community and/or developers, you can join the discord and ask them there straight towards the community. you can join the discord here: [url=]link[/url].

    I hope I have informed you enough with this. If you have any more questions you can always drop me a message on discord or ask everyone else in the discord server!
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    Same. I played WoW, BDO, ESO and GW2. All felt lacking and after playing ESO for 2 years straight I have just been done. I saw this MMO and am pretty excited to see where it goes and what it can become.
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    Welcome in! Hope to see you around the development and game!
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    Welcome to the forums and welcome back to the grind! I hope this game provides a more immersive experience to you and I both. :)
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    And thou shall come in I offering the link to the discord channel! (see my signature)

    Welcome Bell, welcome here in the forums and back to the games :)
    For more up-to-date game info, check out pinned messages in the community discord's #ashes_media and #intrepid_answers.
    Hope you'll enjoy the time waiting!
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    Thank you all for the heartly welcome :D Thanks for the discord info @VelvetBacon
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    Welcome to the community!
    Glad to have you aboard the hypetrain! :D
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