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Ideas for the guild design in AoC

Good day everyone,

In Ashes of Creation teamwork is key, and the best way to interact and join forces together is through a guild. I've read that guilds are able to cooperate and achieve great things such as seizing castles and controling the areas and securing trade journeys of caravans.

In this topic I would like to discuss plans and ideas as to how the guild system works in AoC and further the mindset of developers towards a community driven guild optionalization based on the ideas of the community. Since there is little info available about the capability of a guild and its options, I would like to make a few suggestions as to how guilds should cooperate and be implemented in the game. I would like to ask to you guys to do the same, and together forge great ideas.

My ideas are:

- Creating a symbol of your guild, which can be placed on your shield, cloak or chestpiece for example. This symbol could also be placed upon the mounts of a guild and the housing.
- PVP battle's with wich you can only fight with members of your guild and compete versus other guilds. To become the best guild in the server.
- On the crafting system, people should be able to quickly summarize every crafting ability of their guild members. As to improve the cooperation between guild members.
- A calendar on which you can create guild events for pvp, pve and a like.
- If you sell your good on a auction house, players should be able to price those goods differently. So you might have a option for buy out, bidding and having a diferent price tag for a guild member. So to make guild members connect and interact with each other about any further trading deals.

These are some of my ideas I would like to see in the game, if you have any suggestions as to how the guild system in AoC works or can be improved upon, then you should place them here.


  • I also really liked the patron/vassal system in Asherons call. would be cool to see something like that.
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