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What kind of game will this be, payment wise?

Will this game be subscription based, free-to-play, one time payment, etc?

I'm planning to play in any situation, I would just like to know so I can plan ahead.


  • subscription and a cash shop. Not sure whether they have a initial payment like $60 + free 1st month sub or so but I guess it will be like that. (correct me if I'm wrong though)
  • Cash shop in game is cosmetic only. And the game will be subscription based at $15 usd per month guess with no upfront cost for the game
  • Awesome. I was preparing for subscription-based anyways.
    Thanks to you both for the info.
  • If you wish to play the game before the official release, you will be able to buy packages hopefully later this year. More information about this will be given later on this year.
  • My understanding is that there'll be no box fee, which is a smart move with a subscription model. It lowers the barrier to entry and makes it so people can try the game and get hours of entertainment for just $15. (Which is what I heard the monthly sub will be. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

    $15 is the price of a movie in some cities in the U.S. It's reasonable to pay that in exchange for a month's worth of entertainment.
  • I prefer sub system over box fee any day. You can try the game and if you don't like it you can just stop the sub. Also if you're a big supporter than the sub system is also a way in which you can support the developers by having a steady flow of income in which they can use to further develop the game
  • <a href="">Please read the FAQ first. They explain the payment model. </a>
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