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Ideas about the Referal System


I want to bring up an idea for the Referral System as it is right now.

At the moment we do have the following situation:
Player B use the referral link from Player A and Player A does get 15% of everything Player B spends as „store credits“
Its a nice and interesting system, but I think it can be improved a bit.

The system does not reward the player who use the referral link (in our example – Player B) – so I think a lot of people will not care for the whole system.

Lets have a short sneak peak to a other crowdfunded game – Star Citizen – almost 1.8 Mil registered Accounts, and a good number of it brought in by other players – they use a referral system that „rewards“ both sides. The person who use it (Player B) get some in game currency (worth around 5$) and the player who provide the link (Player A) get some small in game goodies (like badges, weapons, posters, fluff items,... depends on how many players he brings to the game)

So I think if you reward both sides, it will work even better. Maybe give the person who use the referral link something like a 5% / 10% / 20% one time discount on a shop purchase – or something like that .

How you think about it ?


  • If player B was to get some cash back similar to Player A, then player A would need to receive less than 15%, otherwise the whole point of there being subscription would be pointless if everyone got it free for referring and being referrals. The point of it is to increase the number of people playing the game as it will make people feel more inclined to invite new people to the game so they can receive the rewards for it
  • Thanks yes, i forgot to write that down, need to reduce the 15% a little bit most likely. But as said B only get a one time thing. Can be a cash reward or even something like a title,
    I just think if both sides gets a little "something" it will make the system work better.
  • Yeah, so if there was a recruitment mount rewards or something, where both the recruiter and recruitee can get a reward
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