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Guild Banners

I have a idea that my friends and I would love to see implemented! First of all a Guild Banner system where you can either create your own symbol or from selective list. Then being able to as an ability, place it down on the ground. This idea originated around PvP in the aspect that you defeat a foe/foes and place banner to show that it was your guild. As a way of showing dominance or a territorial warning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
I hope you enjoy this idea and it makes it into the game.



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    This would actually be something I would be interested in seeing, but hopefully something on quite a long timer, and doesn't last for too long of a time. I can think of quite a few RP scenarios this would be really cool to have.

    I gotta say tho, I'm super iffy on "design your own logo" without having to submit it for review, and in a massive online game, it would probably be very hard to respond to stuff like that in a timely manner.

    Maybe they could make it where a guild has to be established for a large amount of time, or if there's a guild level system, reach a certain level that's rather high to submit your own logo. That would cut down on the amount of submissions by a lot.
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    Hmm maybe not like an ability but there should be guild banners/flags on the areas under control of a ruling guild, such as Nodes and Castles.
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    Agreed with above. Guild banners ect should be a thing for all guilds, and the way to go about it could be to have a large selection of backgrounds colours, as well as a large selection of symbols, because then as the guild master, on creating your guild, you can create your crest straight away.

    With the submission of guild symbols, as it is still pre-alpha, a lot can change as well as ideas taken from fan art... Therefore if people have ideas and suggestions for design of things, make an art and post it in the forums or discord for all to see.
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    How about a system similar to the portrait backgrounds in diablo 3, where your portrait gets bigger and more epic when you level up or you complete special quests. This could be a good way to represent a guilds strength and reputation visually. Of course only the background or rather the frame would be altered you could still design the flag itself.
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    Interesting idea!
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    Yes, I was just thinking it would be difficult to let people have free reign over their guild banner because people would totally make inappropriate banners. I like the idea of when you get the guild to a certain level, then you can make your own and send them the idea. But what if they made a bunch of pre made logos and allowed the guilds to mix and match 2-4 logos to make a cool logo until they are a higher level guild??
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    Best experience i have regarding guild banners would be the capes. Especially in Guild Wars 1.
    Guild Leader would be able to change the cape design any time, people would vote it, like yay we like it, no its hideous change it now pls, burn it with fire!
    So basically, as i see there is some sort of capes used in the current videos of the preview in game, and it would actually look really nice.

    Eventually, guilds who would participate in Guild VS Guild tournament,s there would be trims for capes reflecting the guild participation and their position in the tournament. E.G.


    Obvious which place is which, but for example if you had a cape design, and winning in the tournaments or whatever, you would get a gold cape trim, and this gives you and your guildies a really nice recognition in the game, usually a lot of respect, new people would come and ask for help, directions and such since they know that you are a good player because you're part of a such guild.

    Gold trim cape designs :

    Edit: the overall guild cape designs without the tournament gold/silver/bronze trims. These would be the regular ones, with a lot, and i mean a lot of variations:

    Anyway, GW1 was the best game i played in my life, and ive tried almost all of them and still play online mmorpg games, but AoC reminds me of GW1 in some way and i cant wait to play it.

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    I think guild banners or logos is like a must other wise why call it a guild might well just call it a group

    I do agree with the leveling the guild and once you hit a certain lvl you then can create your guild banner!
    it would stop alot of dead guilds in their tracks my opinion of course

    However my question can you put that Logo on your "Cape" or "Shield" etc....
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    ESO has a good guild tabard creation in place. Follow something like and satisfy the majority.
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    I think a cosmetic slot to display guild emblems and banners would be an awesome idea! I think customization like this should be a huge aspect of this game! I know my friends and I play to do role-playing and casual PvE and it's the little details like this that make it fun and make you feel powerful and part of something!
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    Guild banners would be awesome but would need to be reviewed even if there is a <em>slight</em> customization feature. Reason for review is people tend to be....<em>creative...</em> when it comes to things like that. I know most people wouldn't bat an eye at something inappropriate appearing on their map/while walking around but honestly I feel as though it breaks immersion to see something like that. Now, I'd be OK with complete customization of a guild banner but to limit the amount of submissions make it so you have to have a certain amount of members and or reach a certain guild level to be able to do so similar to how @HumblePuffin described.

    At the end of the day this is a pretty neat topic and promotes further diversity and customization which will add the the uniqueness of the world. Definitely something to think about and consider if they haven't already.
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