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MMO Veteran's Take. Player-made abilities.

This post here said a lot if what i wanted to say already:

So i will add my personal to it. Just read the interview and to agree, you're right; mmo's have all missed the mark when playing. WoW almost had it. GW2 almost had it. DDO almost had it. TESO almost had it.

Everyone wants their own twists, tweaks and every developer wants their own spin on things. If i were you, I'd give the players some tweaking (or modding) tools to adjust the combat to their own liking. And use the data of the most commonly averaged settings as the goal point on how they want combat to feel. Particularly, their own skills.

Since i wont talk exact builds, i will talk about my personal favorite across all games. Tanking (or sword and shield). Why are all blocks in the beginning if the game just 15 to 25%? I mean why? Everytime i play WoW i just want to edit the settings and give myself a boost to 75% for 6 seconds or something similar. Sure there are balancing issues, but its always fun when something is out of balance even for just a short time. I advise aiming all classes for the feeling of fun first before balancing them.

My particular favorites in combat skills in my build would be like *Power Strike (×2 damage), Cleave (hit 3 enemies), Shield Block (75% for 6 seconds), Shield Strike (knockdown or hit 3 enemies), Counter strike (after being hit by a critical or something).

GW2 made combat feel great. They had dodging / siderolling. That was a whole lot of fun. DDO and TESO had manual blocking. Also fun but not that greatly used. (Seriously what is wrong with TESOs animations?). At least until my thumbs got sore on my gamepad. Wanted an auto attack / auto block system instead.

Mobility is great in a game until all you're doing is running in combat. In a real fight, people dont do that. Its dumb.

Ok im too tired to think of anything else. But in summary, i advise giving some tools to the player. Let them make their own fun. Their own skills and use that data.


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    People would come up with crazy ideas and unbalanced skills. It would be total anarchy and chaos. People would just oneshot everything, possibly from permastealth or from 5 miles away. The game would not last 3 days if the devs gave us the tools to make our own skills.
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    I think you can google this and find a game that lets you be a wizard and code your own spells, I don't think its something that would fit in an mmo without prior testing through other games and iterations of games
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    edited June 2017
    I would like the ability to design dance emotes, or an in-game model editor for the purpose of making your own emotes/social skills. Of course having the standard emotes and specific race dances, but changing it up would be pretty cool.

    I agree with @Archangelus, The game wouldn't last very long if the community was able to make their own abilities, the last thing we want is people roaming around with godlike abilities and making it so they can't die, infinite xp bonus skills.
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    As truly fun as this sounds, I don't think allowing players to design their own skills would be viable for a game that is trying to take a serious stance on the gameplay.   Balance would be so far out of whack that the fun factor wouldn't be there anymore.

    Perhaps if there were a super-mega-sandbox game where people could just play with that stuff and a developer pulls the best ideas....maybe that'd be a good idea.
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    Make no own skills sounds like a bad idea because of the abuse it would receive but modify maybe if done right. For instance say a cleave skill you could say that you want it to hit more enemies but to do so it would reduce the amount of damage done to each one
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