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Let players climb.

Oh and one other thing before i sleep, let players climb anywhere they want to. Many games like to limit and players always want to go where they arent supposed to go. Part of the fun of WoW (unofficially and before flying) was wall scaling / hopping to places off limits. On top of buildings, along cliffs, ledges, sceneries. Don't limit them. Exploration is fun. Let them climb places they want to go but dont make it too easy. Part of the fun was the challenge of getting there. Or just do a literal climbing skill with climbing claws or rope and grapple.

Tease them... with an off limit place.

And dont use lazy zone teleporting.


  • Grappling Hooks + Castle/Keep defence = Win
  • lol this is something I had to revisit this.

    I dont really care about climbing to places that are too ridiculous, but I hope my character has the ability to jump over small things. I kind of hate how I can slay a dragon, but cant win against a small fence. xD
  • I just hope there will be NO invisible walls. There's nothing worse than invisible walls.
    Or everything you stand on, jump over etc. having a small invisible "barrier" making you unable to fully touch it with your character or making you unable to jump over something you should be able to.
    These things drive me crazy in games :P.

    I just want jumping puzzles ;P.
  • @Kaysee Omg, ikr!?
    I love games that put in the effort to give a reason for an area block.
  • Yea, it would be nice if they put in secret places to get to. I always thought the quest area above Wailing Caverns in WoW was pretty cool because if I was never shown it by a friend then I would've never knew it was there. There was also the secret throne room under Ironforge and you could literally get under Orgrimmar. I highly doubt the last one was intentional, but these things were cool to figure out.
  • I also really want climbing in this game! I'd be so stoked if the climbing in AoC was like Black desert because black desert does a great job with climbing. The climbing in BDO is not too flashy or anything but it makes sense and is very practical. AoC could maybe even build on this mechanic by making it a part of exploration and dungeon crawling!
  • I hope they add parkour like in the ranger infiltration promo video.
    It'd make sieges and exploration so much better!
  • Hmmmm.... We don't want them to horn in on the rogue utility with grappling hook too much, but within reason sounds pretty good. Is it just me or do MMOs just have fewer and fewer "easter eggs" and hidden places that can lead to hidden and little known things? The internet is marvelous and all that but after a short time all mystery is revealed by Google.

    I hope that the game is successful enough that Intrepid can do quarterly DLC for us AND throw a neat new "hard to find thing" or two in each time. Especially in already exhausted content dungeons and mountains and stuff.
  • yea kinda sucks when your tralalalaing along in game and something like a small fence or even a outcroping of rock with no more of a slope then a handicap ramp slides you off a mountain to your doom after just killing a god
  • ooo and don't invite the elevator boss from world of warcraft to the game.
  • I love the system that even some ancient games had (Ultima VIII for example) when character could jump and if there was any terrain or object edge to grab to, then character would pull himself up and try to climb it.

    If there wasn't enough place to stand up there he would fall back down, otherwise he would stay up on the object and continue to move.
  • To be fair, watching someone hit a slope and struggle as they slide off to their inevitable death by gravity is hilarious.
  • They've already said that climbing walls will be a rogue specific ability but there will be items in game such as grappling hooks and ropes that may allow similar actions by other classes. I'm actually glad that different classes have different areas of expertise.  I don't want everyone to be able to do the same thing. If everyone can do what you do, it doesn't feel very special when you do it.

  • Halo 2 Glitching was probably the one thing that made it better than any other game the Xbox had, just keep that in mind.
  • Yeah, that's an issue I see in ESO regularly.  I go to jump up on a 1 foot high rock and get blocked.  "Hey, no problem.  I can leap over that fence, it is only 2 feet high!"  Bam, blocked.... I can help slay a huge monster, but anything 1-2 feet high are my bane....
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    Yeah, that's an issue I see in ESO regularly.  I go to jump up on a 1 foot high rock and get blocked.  "Hey, no problem.  I can leap over that fence, it is only 2 feet high!"  Bam, blocked.... I can help slay a huge monster, but anything 1-2 feet high are my bane....
    ESO is exactly what comes to mind: the jetty wall on the east side of Vulkhel Guard as you go to the Harborage. The character should easily be able pull themselves up and over the wall, but can't. It's very frustrating after playing Doom where mobility makes a little more sense.
  • I love exploring, and I hate invisiwalls. I must say that at some point they have to exist; the game worlds we inhabit are finite. So ... you gotta have an edge somewhere. However, one of the very very few things I truly enjoyed about BDO was climbing. Ye gods, being able to climb everywhere! I loved it! Hills, buildings, you name it, I could climb it!

    And jumping. I love jumping. Give me something to climb, and then some nice watery pool below it, and I'm a very happy girl!
  • I love climbing.

    In every MMO i play I always try to reach highest peaks and enjoy the view.
    I love mountain climbing in RL too. Chilling somewhere with a nice view is one of fine things in life for me.

    This is why I certainly hope we will be able to go to mountain tops in Ashes of Creation.  B)
  • Climbing and exploring go hand in hand!   Also they we're  be able to climb ladders and scale walls. 
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