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I just recently found this game and i'm quite interested in it.
I travel a lot between south american and europe due to work and the big question for me is about the servers that are being planed.
Will the servers stick to the traditional NA and Eu ?
Will i be able to play with my european friends while im at work in south america with out to much ms?

Thank you for your time.


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    Welcome to the community!

    With the servers, it has been said you can play NA or EU or OCE. So if you're in EU you can play NA servers. However I'm not too sure if you can switch between the two as if they are the same since every single server will develop differently from the player choice.

    But playing from South America on EU servers will be possible, and regards to the ms you get, that is something that will have to be found out at a later date since the game is currently pre-alpha and so full development of strength of servers wouldn't be known yet.

    I hope this answers your question
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    hey :) thank you.

    Thank you for the information,.

    have a good day :)
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