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the casuals

so I am pretty interested in this game so far. I play WoW when I can which is at most 3 times a week and maybe 4 hours at a time. and that's how much I will be playing this game once it releases. how will that affect my roll in the community I may end up in? or will I most likely be a "lone wolf" in the game because of my schedule?


  • The game will be good for casuals, so you don't need to worry. You won't be a lone wolf from being casual as except for some hardcore guilds, most may be casual anyway
  • The game's creative director stated a few time, that AoC will be casual friendly, so no worries, I guess everyone will be able to find his / her goals based on their max. weekly playtime.
  • <a href="">Here is another post talking about casual. Please use existing threads </a>
  • It always boils down what are your goals and how much effort are you going to invest. In my view you can make more out of 2x4 hours than 7x1 hour so I guess you are fine. Also joining a guild isn't necessary but always helps to set things into motion sooner than being a lonewolf trying to fit in somehow. And I'm sure there will be plenty of guilds to join.
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