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Received spam mail on signup?

Hello all,
I have just created an account after I saw a video fra TheLazyPeon on youtube.

Right after I confirmed my mail, I received a spam mail from to buy a new A:Nozzle.

Have anyone else encountered the same problem?

I only use this mail for game accounts, for various games, which is way it strikes me as strange, that it happend right after I created an account on this site.


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    I have not met with such issue. Are you sure, that the email was sent from any AoC server? The ip of the AoC server is If you use GMail, you can check in the email header, which IP was this spam mail sent from.

    If the two IP addresses are similar, please contact to with this issue.
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    Welcome Calus! I have not seen spam in my mail it might be from something else then.
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    Thankfully not I either :(
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    Hello there Claus i have encountered the same issue too before, all i did was just turned of the messages sending spam on my settings at my profile in the site :) wish you luck on solving it and have a very splendid, nice happy and jolly good day.
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