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Class Combinations and Imperfect Balance

After re-watching <a href="">Perfect Imbalance - Why Unbalanced Design Creates Balanced Play (Extra Credits)</a> rethought the subject of switching our secondary class;

[li]Class combinations will not be created equally; some are going to add a lot of viability (extra damage, enhanced mobility, etc) while other combinations will add so little as to be seen as "broken" or under powered.[/li]
[li]A certain class combo may be very viable at level X while a another combo will be very weak against the former. But at level X+y this switches around and now the combo that was weaker is now dominant. At level X+z yet another combo rises to the front of viability and is seen as the go to class.[/li]
[li]The players would not demand perfect balance at every level, or even end level, for every class combo but realize that there is a rock-paper-scissors balance; ex. one plays combo X which is weak against combo Y so they pair up with a friend that plays combo Z which dominates combo Y (which is itself dominated by combo A, etc).[/li]

Some will complain that they like to play a rogue/mage but are never invited to epic dungeon raids because mage/rogue is the meta (this is just an example until we know more about class combos, of course). The R/M player believes that it is unfair that their playstyle is UP while the M/R is OP and proceeds to rant about it on the forums and anywhere else they think they can get the dev's attention.

Should this be addresses as a serious issue or should this just be seen as part of the perfect imbalance inherent in the game?

Should/will (hopefully) the ability to switch our secondary alleviate some of the inherent imbalance and lead to a better rock-paper-scissors class combo experience?


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