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Tales of Onmund (Confirmed Lore Poetically Organized)

<em>Disclaimer: this is a poetic and immersive organization of the confirmed lore so far. Since we know so little and yet people are craving to understand this world we are witnessing creation, I thought of a way to glimpse it without falling into a "player" perspective but embracing the ethereal nature of it. Topics on theorycrafting and speculation are vast and expanding, I will not address them here since there are places better suited for it!! Updates will come as lore evolves, so keep in touch!! If you want to cooperate please feel free to do so by giving your opinion and nudging me every time we receive a new bit of confirmed lore!!</em>

* * *

My name is Onmund and my surname is of little importance, for the world I currently live in is far distanced from my thoughts. What is important for you to know is that I am a planeseer: I am cursed and blessed by the ability of being able to see and travel to other realms, planes, times and places while asleep. I have seen the rise and fall of empires and the gentle touch between loved ones; I have witnessed bloody wars and countries engulfed by flames; I've stood by while blades of grass grew in the night of a world bathed by the reflected lights of a dozen moons. To do justice to so many untold tales and forgotten stories, all I can do is register them and remember them.

And today I've seen a world whose Creation came from its own Ashes, engulfed by and eternal cycle of change.

<strong>Chapter one: the first dream</strong>

<em>I feel cornered and I feel hunted. I feel that everyone I care about is endangered and I feel hurt as the pride of thousands of my ancestors lie in the brink of an untold but implacable foe. My soul is torn between making a final stand in the name of all civilization or striving for survival while running away.

I see cities razed, fire dancing around the towers of the oldest of our cities. I see demons nesting in the roofs of our castles and sacred temples. There is no way to win, we stand on the brink of extinction. We swallow our pride in the name of a new hope, we are now refugees. Through a shimmering blue portal we are guided towards the place of our exile, knowing deep in our hearts that we shall come back to once again, no matter how many aeons it take, we shall return and retake what is ours. We shall rebuild from the ashes, dust and rubble, banishing the darkness to the recesses whence they came and bringing life to this world once again.</em>

I wake up, sweating profusely, chest tight around the feeling of losing home while still haunted by the visions the night brought. I shall register this dream for I feel there is much more that other visions shall provide. Both questions and answers shall be granted by them, while I discover the epic tale about the twilight of a whole world.

* * *


  • I want MORE!
  • [quote quote=9176]I want MORE![/quote]

    Thanks tjabrown, really glad you liked it!! Will post more as soon as we get more official lore, I'll be connecting the dots through Onmund's dreams and visions :D
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