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[EU] Veteran Strategist - looking for Guild for release. (Pvp/Pve)

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Greetings my friends,

like so many of you, I also am looking forward to "Ashes of Creation". And therefore I decided to start looking for a Guild that suits me just well. So to start this post I think it would be a good Idea to introduce myself first, where I come from game wise, what sort of experiences I have and what skillset I can provide.

I go by the online name "BCG" which stands for the big cheeked giant, which has to do with the fact that I am quite tall and do have big facial cheeks, but not because I am overweight or anything :P I do my fair amount of sports on a daily basis. Now that this is out of the way lets get to the good and more important stuff.

 I have been playing MMORPGs since Ever Quest, so for quite a while,  for almost 20 years now to be precise. In all those years I have been around I gathered a lot of experience. I used to run several Guilds from WoW, Gw2, Wildstar and so on. Over the years I developed a talent for large group PVP situations and overall strategic thinking when it comes to long-term goals. My glory days were back when I used to run as a commander in gw2 on NA servers as well as a platoon lead in Planetside 2. My latest achievement was as the lead strategist for one of the top guilds in Black Desert Online.

Enough about me lets make a pro and con list:
-Years of experience in PVP based games.
-Experience as a Com., Platoon Lead, and strategist.
-Team player. -I know my Class. ( I spend time learning every aspect of the class I choose to play) -Great organizational Skills.

-Real Life job. (sadly my student life is over).
-limited hours. (mostly nights and weekends)

What I am looking for:
I am looking for a progress/semi progress guild that wants to achieve goals and aims to be known on its Server. In BDO the guild limit was 100 so I had to leave the guild because I had to go to work and wasn't able to play 10 hours a day, hoping to find a guild where that won't be an issue. The guild I am aiming to join should be friendly and helpful to each other and have a common goal. Also, the guild should always do things together instead of solo players just being in the same guild.

So if your guild sounds like a place for me, feel free to contact me for a nice long chat. As proof I added a link to a PvP Guide I wrote a while back, this is only the first draft and has been changed to fit certain games.
Mass PvP Guide

I hope to hear from a few great Guilds

Yours truly

The Big cheeked Giant.



  • Hello good Sir!

    My name is Greevz,
    I am the Leader of a new Guild who plan to be a guild who plans to push PVP and PVE giving members the choice to be who they want at any point.
    As a new Guild Leader alot of the work and preparation is new to me so when an experienced Strategist such as yourself appears, I can only extend my hand and Offer you a position to work with me on preparing for this new world that i plan to work hard in.

    We plan to work hard to become a known guild and hope you would be one of the reasons in helping us succeed in this goal by being a Knowledgeable Strategist in all things.

    If you would like to talk and get to know more about the guild itself before making a choice please head on here! -
  • LOL whatever guild you join bro let me know, that's an amazing resume!

    My resume isn't quite as extensive.
    Learned how to PvP in Ultima Online Forever Shard, 70% success rate WITHOUT running scripts,macros, or hotkeys.
    Love aiding PVE players and protecting them and their adventures, expecting nothing in return.
    Love hunting PK's
    Always like playing a supportive assault role in groups.
    Never could find any MMO's to keep me involved so my game time experience lacks.

    Looking for the same type of guild BCG is looking for to be honest.
  • @ImGreevz
    i will get in touch with you :)
  • @BCGiant Perfect im around,

    Mon-sat 10am - 1pm then 7pm till 2 am

    Sunday - 10am till 2 am
  • @Catilia
    Its hard to be honest to find the right fit.
  • Yes, I agree............which is all the more reason to just put it all out there. I became 2nd in command in my first guild and recruited one third of the guild, all of my recruits were active because I didn't do any "dry recruiting", but even with that success I still found failure in getting groups to organize upon events and to stop remaining solo so often.
  • @BCGiant and @Catilia Just wanted to add, i have no required time you have to play each day.
    All i ask is you get to know the guild members and just enjoy your time with us, that is if you do decide to join after we speak etc.
  • @ImGreevz

    i am def. talking to you soon. I am taking my time afterall :)
  • Greetings BCGiant,

    I'm Auron, leader of a PvP Guild called Reborn from ArcheAge. I am currently recruiting skilled players from ArcheAge and trying to trick them into going hardcore on Ashes of Creation. I feel like you would be one of them if you were playing ArcheAge. So instead of me contacting you, you are contacting us which is nice.

    Little bit about our guild. I was part of a zerg guild and when I realised things aren't going well with the zerg and we should create our own smaller and elite group, I left that zerg and created my own guild together with like-minded people who followed me and preferred to put quality over quantity. We made Reborn back in 2014 and tried to be a part of the competition in our server and region with ups and downs. Now here we are in 2017 ended up having bunch of PvPers in the guild but no enemies to fight due to "ArcheAge reasons".

    We raid with discipline. I myself am the main raid leader of the guild and most important rule in our guild is being able to listen and being able to follow commands. Another most important rule is accepting the fact that we are a team and we put the team/guild above our single individual beings. If a person accepts and agrees with those rules then he should fit right into our guild and details shall be spoken later on. The game is still a year away anyway :)

    In Ashes we will focus on doing "everything" as a guild. We will fight over nodes, we will gank caravans and we will participate in sieges (we will be hostile towards most of the guilds that are in our server to maximize the amount of PvP Conflicts). We will do PvE farms together as a guild. I personally dislike systems such as Constant Parties, I want everyone in the guild to know eachother and talk to eachother, most importantly, play with eachother.

    I am not quite sure how many of Reborn folks I will have with me in Ashes but, I will do my best to keep that number 'not-so-zergy' and we will be more than happy to have a good PvPer such as you amongst us.

    About your cons, I am in the exact same situation. I work during the day and play at the evenings. Shouldn't be a problem! It's called prime time for a reason after all.
  • So... what BDO guild were you in?
  • Interesting, wherever you might find yourself staying, I hope to have some pleasent times together on the field, be it on opposite sides of the fields or some other relation.

    [quote quote=5288]<img src="" alt="" />

    In the meantime, enjoy some tea while you talk your way through with everyone. Noone wants to risk a soar throat while searching for the right place to stay.
  • @Kaittho
    Tenacity Black/White, till the guild leader closed the guild because of Legion and so on. I had to leave because of work.

    I was part of several guilds like the one you had in archage, so I know where you coming from. Currently, there is still a lot we don't know when it comes to the entire setup of the world, especially when it comes to node conflicts and node communities. But lets talk soon!!!
  • @Grisu

    i probally wont join a guild straight away. The game is still far away so i just wanted to get some feelers out there, because i am strongly against guild hoping.
  • Sure. Just hit me up on Discord whenever you feel like it then: Auron#8536
  • sure will do
  • Hello @BCGiant! o/

    It might be the main concern so I'll get it out of the way right from the start: Sworn (Oath community guild) is a guild which will be functioning on NA servers. We decided to put up our offer since you mentioned you've played on NA servers before.

    We're focusing mainly on PvP content and it's in our best interest to make our every member feel welcome among our ranks by creating friendly atmosphere. Even though we're focusing on PvP aspects of the game we're not disregarding the importance of gathering, crafting etc. Our rules and requirements are based of common decency so it's not like you'll have to spend hours to get used to them ;)

    If you're interested in more details feel free to visit our <a href="" target="_blank">recruitment post</a>, here on forums.

    Also, we're happy to welcome you to Ashes of Creation community! ;)
  • @Syadnom
    depending on server performance and such i might join an NA Guild, currenlty based in europe so the ping might be an issue
  • Thanks for all the request just a little Update:

    I am currently not looking to join a RPG Guild or a guild that only aims to PK other players.

    Thank you.
  • Redemption is the way ;)
  • Thanks for the interest in my service, but as i stayed earlier, i am currently just looking around and waiting till we get closer to launch. I am still looking forward to talking to all the guild leaders that messaged me.
  • Update 26.07
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    Awwww <3<3<3 You're always welcome at Ashenguard if we come to your choice of server xxx
  • Diura said:
    Awwww <3<3<3 You're always welcome at Ashenguard if we come to your choice of server xxx
    guess we need to wait and see :) 
  • that's quite the resume my friend I hope you find the right guild for you 
  • @nagash thank you
  • Again i am currently only looking to talk to guilds :) the game is 2 years away so its to early to join :)
  • Good luck in finding the right guild for you. I'm sure you will find one with your skillset :)
  • Boci said:
    Good luck in finding the right guild for you. I'm sure you will find one with your skillset :)
    appriciate it :)
  • Thought i revive this and see what turns up!
  • Hello  @BCGiant
    My name is costantino old school world of warcraft player 
    Bout my mmo experience i been in a top Eu server guild for a couple of years Officer rank loved raiding and pvp at the same time , As u probably know WoW its going down in numbers game changing to much and turning in a diffrent mmo not the one we used to love this new game AoC is brought old feeling back from back the launch of wow till wotlk and cata .

    What i want to achieve with my soon to plan guild first thing is numbers, number make power then experience and unexperienced players what i learn from my wow days are everyone can learn so we will accept every kind of person young & old aslong they like the experience of mmo rpgs everyone is welcome this game is way diffrent from old school mmo rpg so lots of people will aim for numbers our guild is still to be set but im already requiting old wow players that lost interest in wow and irl friends also looking into gaming community that look in a change of game 

    Exept randoms im looking for people with gr8 leading skills smart and experienced on diffrent kind of games would be nice having raid leaders dungeons groups exploring teams there some more stuff i dont want come over here keep it private if ur interesed please contact me and we could speak a little more bout . 
    Thank for your time , Costantino ....

    Did somebody say thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker ... 
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