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Player/Character Mechanics - More Details Please

Hi Dev Team,

Have devoured your vids and blogs but am surprised with the lack of details specifically on the actual “characters/classes/toons”.

Hoping you soon will have a Q&A or Blog just on the player mechanics.

From the vid “A Mage’s Life” showed a few mechanics. Let me assume what I noticed, firstly only one hot bar which can hold about 10 skills maybe only 5ish are active and rest passive. Skills can be swapped when not in battle. Secondly, fighting seemed to be tab targeting, didn’t notice any mob tells, cross-hairs, dodging, rolling etc. for active twitch based fighting.


How many classes are there?
Do classes specialise with skills trees or be more varied/hybrid characters?
Will we have the big trilogy of classes?
Will classes be race locked?
When leveling what will have bigger gains; abilities or gear?

Can go on forever but hopefully this is a start on the player mechanics. ????


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    Hello YEG,

    Welcome to the community!
    As of now, all the questions are already answered on their Q&A topic written by Steven the Creative Director for the game. Link is <ul></ul>

    8 Classes with one primary and one secondary. There is 8 archetypes: Fighter, Tank, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Summoner, Cleric and Bard.
    The primary class will be your main class (the one with access to skills)
    The secondary class will add options to your skill pool.
    Yes, there is the Holy Trinity (Tank, Heal, DPS).
    Classes will NOT be restricted by races but they will give unique flavors to your archetype. The DEV intends to launch with 8 distinct races.
    For the last question I don't know but I reckon that both would be equally important.
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    While we don't know a lot of the specifics I would recommend reading through the community folder link in my forum signature. It contains a plethora of confirmed information obtained either through Q&As, official videos, and direct questions to Intrepid in the discord.

    Obviously everything is subject to change at this stage in development, and a lot of it will probably raise more questions, but it's a great jumping off point of information :)
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    thanks guys
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