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Website bugs

Wasn't sure about where to post this but I've encountered a couple of problems with this website.

I posted a post named "Node development" (or something similar), that I tried to edit but it disappeared entirely. It doesn't show in my Profile neither, although Subscriptions does display '1' (but doesn't show the post itself). I currently have the last update on Design Discussion, 13 minutes ago. But my post is nowhere, and I cannot post anymore (I hope this post does send). I have my old post saved on my computer, so I can post it again.

Also, the Profile link on the top right (under your username) is completely broken, at least in the Forums. It actually sends you to the link of the last username found on the page (so basically, the last person who posted a reply on the last post of the page). Probably using the same variable. Bad habit.

Currently working as an intern web designer, I'll post more of these bugs, if I find some. If you need me to post these elsewhere, just let me know


  • I'm scared of editing this post, in case it disappears again. I've obviously managed to post here. I managed to post a Post called "test" with content "test", but I tried editing it with the content I wanted to say (about node development), but the post disappeared entirely (again, still shown as a +1 in subscriptions) . "Website bugs" is 1101 characters, and "Node development" was 1280 characters
  • Hi kurman,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the issue with the forums sometimes eating posts and are looking into it. Your best bet for now is to make sure you make a backup copy of your post before posting until we can get the issue fixed. We are also looking at a massive forum upgrade which may alleviate this issue altogether.

    Thanks for your patience!
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