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Oh hello there!

I'm Guri! In seeing a recent video on this game let's just say my interest was piqued greatly. I look forward to seeing more of what the devs have in store ^_^, and from what I can see it seems promising! I really like the more community driven aspects this is going for.

There haven't been many MMO's that have truly "captured" me if you will, (although I currently play FFXIV) and I do hope this one can fit the bill.


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    Hey there Guri!

    Don't you forget to join to the Discord in this blossoming hype of yours:

    Also, you should read about <a href="">weekly key drawings</a>, and if you have not done so, check out the <a href="" target="_blank">developer's Q&A</a>.
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    [quote quote=5288]<img src="" alt="" />

    Will you join me for some tea? It's quite a delious blend of mine if I may say so. There is lot's to discover and explore already to get a good first impression if it might fit your taste to sate yourself on a new MMO.

    Hope to see you around in discord. <sips his tea>
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    Yokoso~! (Welcome!)

    I hope that your wish will be fulfilled, Final Fantasy XIV is superb game that has a lot to offer, especially for a console MMO. I played before and after "A Real Reborn" came out. I had a Clunky Spear User, but I've since changed realm after 2.2 "Through the Maelstrom" expansion. I still play today with some of my guildies. I have a Monk and I will probably be testing the Samurai on live servers.

    What are you looking for in an MMO?
    What features did you LOVE in FFXIV?

    I look forward to your answer! Until then, I wish you a great day!
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    Thanks all for the warm welcome! I will check out the discord for sure ^_^

    As for FFXIV Allan actually I have been enjoying it very much...and it has a lot of elements I enjoy in the genre. To be honest it has taken me a long time to find a good MMO that I actually stuck with. So many I tried I just wasn't grabbed by the game world...would make alternates and such to no avail. I am happy to say I've made it to endgame in FFXIV (as it stands now) so in that sense I feel accomplished.

    Features I LOVE in the game would be just the class differentiation, being able to stay on one character but do all the jobs in the game. That, but <em>also</em> feeling unique in some way even so. It's a hard balance for sure. I don't mind defined roles at all as long as they have good purpose behind them. I also don't mind how things are gated, how its a large instance based game that forces you to play with others to progress. I think that's what an MMORPG should be, at least one that forces you to interact in some way. It isn't the be all end all of games, but it has a lot to like.

    Oh and nice you were LNC/DRG then moved to MNK eh? Good choice! I like MNK but haven't leveled it all the way yet. What's nice is it shares gear with SAM so when that hits you will be mostly set!

    What I look for in an MMO is hard to really put into has to feel right I suppose. There have been many promising prospects for different takes on the genre..but a lot of the time they devolve into more of the same, why fix what works right?

    This game at least seems like it involves the players! It really gets you thinking about what could be possible. That, and the art style has grabbed me more than most Western attempts. I also am so curious to see what else it has to offer! Classes/Races/Lore and the like! Also Nodes seem very cool.
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    Welcome Guri! Good to have you join us friend! Yes I agree a game that has a involved player base is a fun game.
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