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I was wondering if there's any Monk like class so far. Forgive me, I haven't fully read up on everything there is to find so I don't actually know yet.

That being said I hope there is a monk class with a heavy focus on Yin/yang and balance between both sides. Monks have always been my favorite type of class, Support, dps, or otherwise I've always liked their concepts so I really hope there's something along the lines. With 64 classes it seems like a high chance at least.

I just wonder what they'd be like at this point :o


  • The "64 classes" is reached by combinations of the base 8, and one of those 8 classes then augmenting it your main class. The 8 classes are tank, fighter, ranger, rogue, summoner, bard, cleric, mage.

    That being said, there may not be a class titled "monk", and may not follow the specific theme you stated, but there is certainly the possibilities there to create a monk like class. Perhaps a fighter/cleric, or a cleric/fighter.

    On top of that they have stated there will be a large amount of weapons to choose from, and weapons won't be class locked, so you can most likely use fist weapons or some other weapon that you may find more fitting.
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