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Hi all.

Gi'day all.

Just signed up and would like to say hi and pass on a few ideas. I'll hunt around for the right forum. As to the game itself, well we will have to see. I don't hold much excitement or hope for something new and exiting because, so fare, all new mmo's are all the same, hence I'm not even playing any right now.

Well I'm off to find the right place to post ideas that may or may not inspire the devs.


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    Welcome Olddragon!!

    The forums in my opinion are a great place to start, but if you want more of a day-by-day conversation, then you can always head to the community discord servers, where there are people to answer your questions 24/7 it seems like. The <a href="" target="_blank">discord </a> is a great place to go whenever you feel like it. And as well as that, dont feel to hesitate to ask me anything on discord at Jamin#2652 and I will answer any question I can.

    To find more information about confirmed answers from questions check out <a href="" target="_blank">THIS</a> google doc.

    If you want any information on how to access the alpha coming up, got to this <a href="" target="_blank">FORUM PAGE</a>

    But yeah, welcome and I hope you're excited for the future!

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    Welcome to the forums my friend! Hope you have a nice stay and enjoy our community.
    See you around!

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    Greetings Olddragon and welcome to the AoC community!

    Feel free to join the AoC Discord channel - - !
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    It's nice to see someone the hype train doesn't have a grip on.
    On behalf of the forum's welcoming party i'd like to welcome you to the community! Oh everyone already beat me to it? Well welcome anyway!
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    Welcome my Friend!!!
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