The most important question

Will you for the love of God make female armor actual armor and not stripper clothing. This is very important.


  • trying not to say anything anti pc now, but to get your answer just look at the video on combat, (i dont see any stripper armor)
  • They seem to be going with a more realistic look thank goodness!
  • You dont like +50 platemail blazing nipple tassels?
  • We are definitely going for a more realistic and practical approach.
  • Not the most important question, but still don't want my character looking like someone from Amber roses' slut walk xD
  • Breast versus Breastplate , discuss.

    Nice to know you plan to go with the more realistic if not practical approach.
  • Can we have a choice of either :o

    I like slutty female chars xD
  • [quote quote=1825]Can we have a choice of either <img alt="?" src="" height="20" width="20" />

    I like slutty female chars xD

    Options > Graphics:
    - VSync: ON/OFF
    - Resolution: 1920*1280
    - Slutty Female Armor: ON/OFF
    - Shaders: GOOD
    - View distance: FAR

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