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Hey Ashes Of Creations Community!

Hey Peeps :)

i'm looking forward to this game.
It looks good and what i am reading and seeing about this game its very promissing.
So hopefully i win a key to check it out.

Regards Dutch Chaos.
Proud Member Of The Soul Slayers Community.


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    Greetings Dutch_Chaos :D

    It's always a pleasure to welcome new members to the AoC community.
    Feel free to join the AoC Discord channel - - !
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    Hello/Hallo Dutch_Chaos!

    To begin with, welcome fellow dutchie! I hope your dreams can be fullfilled with this MMORPG!
    I will link you the post to the information on how to win a key, as you mentioned. [url=] This [/url] is the link to the topic!

    If you want to know what the game has revealed up until now, you should check this spreadsheet that has been made by one of our community members! [url=]Link to spreadsheet[/url].

    Now only one thing remains to discuss for now... The community Discord! As Bhan mentioned above, here you can ask all your questions directly to the community members and the developers of AoC! Here's the link to the Discord: [url=] Discord link[/url].

    For now, this should be enough information. If you have any questions, you can ask them on the forums here or on the discord!
    Enjoy your stay! <em>De Groetjes!</em>

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    Hello and welcome to a quite active community! (as you can see here in the forums) <gives Brolo a high paw>

    I really recommend joining the discord channel since it's active 24/7 and a way better way to discuss about the game. Even every so often you might bump into Steven in there!

    Hope you'll have a great time waiting!
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    Welcome welcome welcome.

    I hope you enjoy your stay on the train to hypeville until this game is released!!
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    Welcome Dutch_Chaos ! Good to have you here friend.
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