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Race Ideas

Hey guys/gals, just wanted to throw out some ideas on races. Was hoping the game would feature some non-standard races that we normally see in a fantasy setting. Everyone has played the usual Elf, human, dwarf, etc.

With the new Wonder Woman movie coming in 2017 how about an Amazon Race, only female of course. With a possible racial bonus for the bow?

Was also thinking of a race of Angelic type humanoids with wings that are non functional for flight but can be used for short distance gliding and have special combat skills associated with them.

Having played the Witcher III for way too many hours, how about a Succubus race with the male version as well the Incubus. Racial bonus would be seduction or some sort of mind controlling skills.

Happy Holidays all!



  • I personally don't see a problem with the usual races. Not that I am against any new ideas, I've just always defaulted to a elven necromancer or mage (if it was available). I just like the way they look I guess (except in WOW, always thought the huge ears looked dorky).
  • I would like to see race selection make a significant difference to how your character plays. This could be achieved by having both passive and active abilities and modifiers (or penalties).

    You could have a few unique racial abilities that are clickable per race that are meaningful (although not overpowered) that scale with the character as they progress. These abilities could be utility or damage type. Recast timers are one way to ensure that more powerful racial abilities are not frequently available with a lesser ability that you could use all the time.

    To make things even more interesting you could have their affect stack or scale exponentially when the same ability is in a group by members of the same race. That would make for some interesting game play...

    These would be in addition to the passive modifiers that sound like they will be included anyway.

    This would ensure that Race A that is Class combination 1 and 6 (of 8) feels slightly different to Race B that is the exact same Class combination.

    This adds variety and depth to a game that is important for long term player retention.
  • @ sandboxer

    they have stated your race effects your class, and your abilities races will be very different in stats.

    "does my race choice influence my class?"

    "Yes, simply put. Races will affect your stats, and stats will affect your skills and abilities. In addition, races will give unique flavors to your class archetype skills. Classes will not be restricted to certain races."

    though i dont usually like this being a pvper, since in theese types of games stats usually determine the victor, it pretty much means im going to have to choose between the epic beards of the dwarves and stats of the class i choose to play.
  • The more out of the box the better, in my opinion.

    I never enjoyed playing human-like characters.. if I had to choose between the standard three it would always be the dwarf.

    As for ideas? I always liked the idea of a bird-like race, I remember the Arakkoa back in WoW really left a big impression on me and I always wanted to play one. (Not to mention having some gliding/flying racial.).

    <img src="" alt="Example Arakkoa" />
  • I am truly hoping they put races that are unique too. Not neceseraly in how they look, but where they are placed etc.

    As I play WoW and often revel in the possibilities and ideas which often flood my mind as i watch the game progress I will take some examples from there, which I have thought of over the years.

    Lets start with the Arakoa from the WoD expansion. Their race is quite unique to the game, stunning architecture and placement. Their cities are built upon the tips of very tall geological structures. They worship the sun and harness the power of fire and air (there is amazing concept art about them on google). Everything from their architecture to their clothes revolves around this theme. Ever since i first saw their buildings, and first stepped into this race's dungeon I've always wanted a playable race with them. Stunning themes. Now a similar bird race doesn't necerally need to be made. You could have a nation of men who live atop such structures, and have developed technologies that allows them to harness the wind so they can "fly" eg. gliders.

    In the MoP expansion of WoW they added the Jinyu. They were a fish like race. They lived around lakes and their lives revolved around the water (obviously). Likewise you could still have a group of men whose lives revolved around water. Their "nation" could be situated near the see/lakes and have grand cities under the sea (again water themed) where the water is held at bay with magic (imagine giant bubbles). These humans could be better at healing etc.

    Dwarves are quite a common race but i think this game could take them abit further. Creating grand cities under the groung. These cities could be quite dark, lit by fire, crystals or even lava.

    A hobbitlike race wouldn't be a bad idea either. Though not looking like humans, this race would be short and would live in houses underground, much like hobbits. This race could be good farmers or cooks.

    Elves could have grand cities near waterfall cliffs or in forests with great trees etc.

    Personally I beleive variety is good for the game, though not too much. Be it in number of different races or just their theme. I think it is better than just having two groups of humans, living in similar looking cities with little to no variation. Tickle people's imagination a little bit ;) I've always nerdgasmed over the possibilities.
  • I wouldn't mind playing this or that race, the fish-like cthulhu worshippers (they would be lovely) or the classic bearded dwarves, but I think the real point is having some real depth by differences. Races should live in different zones, giving the possibility to develop the game in undergroun areas, under the sea settlements or maybe some perilious trade routes through the clouds. Every race should be characterized in culture (esthetics, religion, traditions, technology...) granting different access to bonuses, stats and development options. Also races should be well blended with the whole lore of the world (giving races some biological and historical relations, linking magic and races etc...)
    I would love to see some conflicts based on cultural and pratical differences and needs between races, to see how cooperation or competition shape ethnic groups (giving the possibility to create new cultural aspects (e.g. new religions) shaping the race you are playing through you war, peace, autarchy or tolerance policies)
    I would play any race that has been given this kind of depth within a fantasy game.
    Of course it's easy to say something like this, while it's a very difficult work to do while keeping the game balanced.
  • @Hermoidr

    I agree with you completely. I like the "normal" trinity of Human/Elves/Dwarves. But i wouldn't mind seeing other races (Maybe some unique, maybe some that are already present in other games or based on mythology), but they should make sense in a way. They should fit in with the lore of the game.

    That being said, i've always liked the Valkyr in WoW. I'd love to play one, but not sure how that would fit in the lore haha!
    <img src="" alt="Maybe in the role of a Paladin ala WoW" />
  • I don't think Valkyr would be possible since basically their job is to take the sould of the dead from the underworld and to become one you'd possibly have to complete some trial of sorts. However, it can be a class option. You could start off as a warrior and then via questline die a glorious death and "ascend" so to speak. Kinda like the worgen questline where you start as a human.

    I am dying to see some druidic race. possibly plant/tree people, or even some other creature, again modeeled around forests.
  • I hope they don't include small cute animal looking races. No to fluffy Japanese/Korean cute/weirdo cat/dog/squirrel/racoon races, though, on the other hand I might enjoy killing them more than the regular races! lol
  • I'm all for "standard" races as long as they're done well and there's good lore behind them. Take something well-loved, do it right, and people will of course love it. I like that race affects abilities but I don't want to be forced to play an ugly brute just to be a good tank (however it's unlikely any creature would take a tiny tank seriously simply because they lack the physical requirements needed for the role).

    Small is fine. **** is not (just my opinion).

    If there are going to be dwarves, I'd love to have the option for the females to have beards!
  • looking at the games the team has worked's got me wanting some expanded race selections or species if you will.
    i'm from the old school of eq and eq2 as my origins within the mmorpg genre. so i would like to see, in the order of priority:
    1. Dark Elf
    2. Ogre
    3. Troll
    4. Orc
    5. Barbarian
    6. Iksar (lizard humanoid)
    7. Dwarf
    8. Elf
    9. Human

    i'm fine with basic species depending on the character creation system and how advanced it is. but variety is the spice of life! in game and out! lol
  • Some kind of fey-like race would be awesome.

    <img src="" alt="Fey humanoid" />

    <img src="" alt="Another fey" />

    <img src="" alt="Fey female" />

    And/or bear dudes.

    <img src="" alt="Bear dude 1" />

    <img src="" alt="Bear dude 2" />
  • It always puzzled me for some reason, but at the same time I am fascinated with horned creatures or creatures with antlers, so in that regard I am all for a Fey race, with some deep bonds to nature.
    Uniqueness in looks aside, as it was said the flavour that a race gives to an archetype is pretty interesting too. You could have a shamanic race that infuses their attacks with a spiritguardian. For obvious naming reasons Udyr as an example.

    There is so much out there that I dare to say, everything was made into a humanesque playable form. So my biggest issue is, races shouldn't be distinct manly through appearance, but their believes, behaviour, history and values.
    Everything that comes with a race should make an impression, not just their looks.

    I think that's what makes the human-elve-dwarf triangle so succesful. You have your civilised, selfabsorbed humans that settle down whereever they can. You have your mountainloving dwarfs dwelling in the deep, searching for values in the earth. You have the elegance of elves, often close to nature, seeking the beauty within the world and every action, relishing it.
    They are in general very different from each other, often even a contrast to each other. If all 3 looked more or less the same, but would still follow their own believes it would work nearly as well.
    Their looks enhance what they are, but it doesn't make them.</strong>
  • This is an out of the box Idea and I am sure quite a few people will have something to say...
    I would love to play a game where races were able to be mixed at character creation. Gaining good or bad attributes from two races you chose randomly. I like the idea of more unique characters instead of the cookie cutter races over and over. I have never seen this in a game and this it would be amazing. Not being able to start knowing the area you start in but randomly starting in a zone until level say...10 and then coming together and able to meet up with friends. What are your thoughts?
  • I’d like to be able to play as a spirit. With the ability to either raise the dead or to possess a human( or any race). You could raise a corpse from a graveyard or a battlefield. Gaining knowledge from the corpses and humans possessed and that would build your class. Raising or possessing magic users would give you more magic skills and talents. Or raising the corpse of a priest and then raising the corpse of a warrior would give you more of a paladin type class build.
  • Nephillim and Daemons would be cool to see, though it all really depends on what lore they have in place. Likely the races they already have fit into the world, so any more races added would have to probably include their story of how and why they are there. I think my favorite race I've seen is definitely the Dark Myr. This is race that the game Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen(It's still in production like AoC) has in it. The reasons why this race is amazing just visually and lore wise, is that they feel totally new compared to all existing archetypes of races. I'll link a picture, but to suffice, they were a underwater dwelling race until for some reason, the ocean water began to poison them, their god came down and sacrificed herself to create lungs and legs so they could live above water, yet warrior Myr known as Dread Myr rose up and killed the goddess in retaliation. That's the short story, but pretty much, the Myr are a broken race, turned dark and bitter from the death of their goddess and their people who had not made it. Now here's why this race is so good. Unlike where other races are just, barbaric because they are orcs, slim pointy eared and refined elves because elf, this race had a clear history to why they are the way they are. Their story covers everything from physiological differences from the other races, to the attitude of their society. Now I'm not saying steal this race, but for future and present races breaking out from the usual stereotypes would probably be something to keep in mind when putting in different playable races. Here's their picture.
    Kind of reminds me of Thassa from Magic the Gathering.
  • Amazons are just human females with gifted powers. :P

    In every game I play dwarves, as long as they're properly designed (see WoW). And voiced. My god I love that typical gimli-like voice and accent. <3

    But if I had to say something about a possible race... Hmm... I don't know, really. I'd say demigod, but that would be better off as a class. x)
  • I would like a lizardman race and tieflings (half demon), but I'm cool with anything besides catpeople
  • I think AoC should have an entirely unique race that is not found in any other mmo.
  • I know that I do not want a Panda/bear race. I would want a Turtle race tho. It would be some what different than the run of the mill lizard race.
  • I loved the story of the Broken Lords from Endless Legend. I would love a culture struggling with it's need for energy and the morality of taking it from people when it so easy.

    Since it's high fantasy I think the best way to get unique races would also be elementals. Maybe like a people with water or air like properties? The water race could like reform themselves to look like other races to integrate better but their normal form could be something they hide away mysteriously.

    If they add races they should make sure to have them carry a lot of depth from their past struggles and give them reasons for coming to the place the game is set in.
  • Hay guy, i got some ideas on races for suggestions

    1.Hobbits- just like the movie hobbit, they are creatures that specialized in creation like blacksmith, building houses and also in trades, but when it comes to fighting mechanics, they have advantages in agility, because of their size

    2.Demi-Humans- Humans that are half animal, can have cat ears, can be a centaur, that specialize in mainly combat or anything, based on the halves they have

    3.Humans-Races that specialize in building nodes, and good with combat etc

    4.Elf- Creatures that is born from nature itself specialize in magic etc

    and that's all iv'e got i wish that the races will turn out well in the official release of the game :)
  • Hey guys, I'm fairly new here and only just starting to dig and discover all that there is to AoC. So far, it looks amazing and has such potential.

    To the races, which there are so many neat ideas proposed already, I love how much diversity there is to come up with stuff. I don't know if the dev team every watches the posts, but I think it would be great if they made it so that each race had a good unique difference between them. Such as how you see in WoW where each race has a different anatomy, stance, proportions [even the undead humans have nothing similar with the alive ones lol].

    I can imagine it would be a lot more work to incorporate each of their unique models into the game, such as fitting armor pieces to parts, how cloaks work, and how each runs, walks, or stands. But if they can give us some diversity like this I would LOVE that.

    <a href="" target="_blank">DropboxImage</a>

    These just took me less than 30 mins to pop out just to show what I mean when it comes to diversity and not everyone just being "human proportioned"
  • I'm totally in agreeance with wizard_beard's post , to include his priority list.

    I'm also someone who cut his teeth on MMOs with classic EverQuest. While I know its not practical or feasible to entertain discusscion of bring back those races anf their features to this brand new IP, I will say that EQ certainly made race selection a meaningful part of how the game played. From the dark elven ultravision to the troll regeneration to elven and halfling foraging, these mini-tangibles really put a unique spin on how you approached the game and frankly hasn't been done as well since (probably due to how unforgiving EQ was). Even WoW's racial bonuses felt hollow in comparison (excepting Will of the Forsaken in PvP).

    So I would ask the team to please keep this example in mind, since ultimately what races are playable is a small draw and how those races have meaningful interaction is the real clincher.

    All that said, I'd love to play another indigo-skinned elf in your game engine, and reprise the role of my Teir'dal Wizard from EQ.
  • Really hope to see Orcs, Dwarves, Elves and Humans in the game, plus some original races. Would love that they have unique abilities and stats, and maybe that some would not be able to be friendly to each other, creating more ingame conflict.
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