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[EU] The Scorched Order [PvP, PvE, RP]

The Scorched Order

Guild Recruitment page
Intent of this guild recruitment page:
I intend with this page to recruit for a guild idea that I have, to inform the reader and learn from feedback to improve the idea of the guild and the impact it could have on the larger community.

About me:
I am a 24 year old Roleplayer who plays many different games, such as Planetside 2, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Rift.

I work nights so have some time to sit down, engage websites and do a little bit of gaming, when I am off work I like to raid with my current guild on WoW.

Guild Information:
Time zone: GMT+1 (UK, London.)
Location: United Kingdom (EU)
Play style: Casual, Social, Light/Medium Roleplay, story, PvE, PvP, Economy

Guild concept:
The Scorched Order stands as a remnant of an age gone by, once a proud Mages Guild that held the lands magic in check, it now serves as a Imperial Law, rule and Iron Hand that looks to bring all to knee under its dominion.

The Scorched Order seeks to expand its ranks to the many new denizens to the land, rolling all under the “Mark of Flame”.

The Scorched Order looks to be a major player in higher tier content that will look to both force the economy and people into following the Mark of Flame, controlling trade in the mid tiers, raiding those Caravans that have not sought blessing or authority to operate in our land and to also secure trade to those that bare the Mark or Brand.

Rank concept: Mark or Brand

In the guild there are two ways that people can operate within The Scorched Order, these are the Mark or Brand of Flame.

Mark of Flame
The Mark of Flame is a rank for those who serve willing to The Scorched Order, they are the Grand Magi, Captain Knights, flame bearers who see the works of the Scorched Order done with a open mind and willful intent.

(OOC for those who wish to be in the guild and their characters fit to serve as a part of their story.)

Brand of Flame
The Brand of Flame is those who ((OOC’ly wish to be in the guild!) serve The Scorched Order by force, the brand making their will subject to the Order, they act as thralls and warriors to the Order, with some gaining respected ranks of the Brand.

(Think of this for those characters who wish to be in the guild but their story just doesn’t fit, the Brand is like a hammer to hammer them into the story, mostly taken by fire light and given the magical brand.)

Activities within the Guild - what we have to offer:

The core concept of the guild is based around a Roleplay story of a Fallen Order being magically controlled by a living flame, using “Marks” and “Brands” to subjugate those who serve, it has some religious aspects for most it is more a Knighthood / Mages Order that looks to spread their influence like wild fire.

Activities and focus of the guild would be around making a great empire, controlling trade routes and Node development within our interest, this will include lots of PvP and PvE, looking to enforce our story and make partnerships with other guilds that reinforce the statement here.

How to contact me / How to join!

Feel free to swing by on Discord! -

Or hit me up on these forums / reply to this post!


  • Hey guys, any one here able to make a guild emblem for me? (Logo of sorts.) I'm looking for a kite shield shaped guild banner in crimson / red, a black boarder with a burnt effect along the edges / into the flag, maybe with a symbol of a flame in the middle of it, or some kind of crest.

    I'd also consider putting a guild forum banner also, if any one could make that also.
  • Still looking for more people interested, I'd love to get some feedback on what works and what doesn't in this ad - and how I can improve it.
  • The Scorched Order is still looking for more people and I'm still seeking all kinds of feedback!

    In some aspects, I see the guild, on a day to day basis operating like parts of the Roman Empire mixed with TES: Skyrim's Mages Guild / Altmer Inquisition.

    Official ranks and classes yet to be worked.
  • Hey! I like the idea of a burned-themed guild, as there are quite a few angles you could take!

    So with that in mind, why not go for something out of the ordinary, ditch a shield / crest and focus on the emblem (as the emblem usually gets put on tabards, shields, banners, etc.).

    Something like:

    <strong>Or</strong> an hourglass with ashes trickling from the top onto flames at in the bottom?

    I've started working on some stuff in a Google Drive folder, I'll share with you if you want? PM me.
  • Still looking for more to get the guild rolling! Kickstarter soon! AND!! thanks for the input about the art Tiemie!!
  • The Scorched Orderis a grand idea! The lore and rank concept you explained sound very interesting.
    Have joined your discord, hope to see you there!
  • I would be up for joining in Battlewrath!
    I'am from Denmark and with a age of 32 + two kids + one on the way.
    I work at home atm, so my game time often change for my own wishes. :)

    The kickstarter is in three days, though it is not everyone who get access - Don't know if you can buy access either?
    Don't know if you can confirm the last part?

  • Tidings there Casumii!

    Thanks for your response on here and I'd love to have you a part of the guild, use this link -
    It's for the Guild discord, it's a more active way of communicating and functions almost like our own forum!

    Who knows, maybe if we can educate your children, we can get them in on the guild too, get them clearing all the tables! xD

    Hope to see you onto the discord!

    As to the question of access, there is a free key giveaway weekly to those to spread the good word of AoC, but then you can also buy Alpha and Beta access on the Kickstarter website from 01.05.2017
  • Updated the discord with some more information, hope to see you guys on there soon!
  • Kick starter tomorrow folks, woooooooo!!!
  • Dear new Kickstarter players -

    I'd like to offer you all the chance to get in on The Scorched Order whilst we're still openly recruiting!

    I wish you look in your time in AoC and hope to see you on the field!

    Our Discord -
  • So the Kickstarter is working a treat! And the stream is.. well, the Twitch stream is kind of bad, but it has sandals!

    Hope to see you guys on the Discord! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Nice! Will find you on Discord!
  • Bump! Hope you guys get your butts in The Scorched Order!
  • Hey all!

    Loving how far the Stretch Goals are going, hope you're all having fun and can't wait to see you on Discord.
  • Hello there! I’ve noticed that this guild has RP elements, and we at the unofficial RP community Ashes of Creation Roleplay would like to extend our invitation. This is not an attempt to steal guild members, as we are not a guild, ourselves, but if any of your members (present or future) would like to find a community of guilds and players alike to share RP content with, be sure to check us out! The link is located in my sig below and we have a discord, as well.
  • The Internet gets installed tomorrow for me, so can be a bit more active in recruiting - where's all my Roleplayers at?!
  • There is over one year for people to even start playing it. :)
    I Think the people are here, But with this far from release, people might be playing something elde. :)

    I do get notifikation for every post Though. :)
    On the side, I play FFXIV to get the time running, and doing exams atm aswell.
  • Hey,

    Would be very interested to join, currently I am rping in GTA aswell. Unfortunately have to wait for my paycheck to pledge on kickstarter and get early acces.
  • Don't worry about it man, you're welcome to jump onto the discord, look through the thread and you'll see the link,
    so pop in and have a chat.
  • Yes, finally a guild that suits me. Count me in!
  • Still looking for more, guys!
  • I'm LordDPS on Discord. I'm really looking forward to joining the guild when the game launches.
  • Hope to see more people in our Discord soon! 
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