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Main Quest ?

After posting this on <a href="" target="_blank">reddit </a>I thought I might have some more luck here.

<blockquote>I started to play SWTOR when it was first released and while I didn't stay the whole time I always came back to play the stories of the game. I really like to learn about the lore of a game and its stories. I would put myself generally into the solo-player category. So while I do join the big stuff (if I can) and can play a game that I like A LOT (I ain't no casual ;D) there are some concerns for me that the levelling process could become grindy and uninteresting (TESO) and that potentially a lot of the end game mechanics will exclude solo players (Meaning that you have to have to overcome a big hurdle to even get into it. Whether it is item-grinding or organizing a huge group to even participate in it at all [The game not providing tools to include them]).

I wanted to hear about what the game will provide in terms of solo content. Because when you hear about the game you instantly hear about the endgame stuff (which is a good thing. Focus on that keeps people playing it) but not much about whats in between the big battles and the (probably boring/grindy) crafting. That could of course be because I just heard about the game and watched about 40-50min of video material on it,


  • From what I've heard. They will have solo content as much as group content. You'll be able to do quests by yourself, these quests will consist of different styles (narrative, task, and another one I can't remember). The tasks will directly affect you and the Node you're in. I'm guessing the narrative quests will be more toward the story of the world around you! We don't have a lot of information on all of that yet, but as you know they are going to be posting Dev blogs frequently along with Youtube videos to explain more about the game as it progresses! :) TL;DR Stay tuned for more ;)
  • There will be three different kinds of quests: Narratives (the "main" questline), events and tasks. They would depend on node development and there will be different quest paths. You can read more about Steven's interview at MMOGames <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
  • Events, yes that's the one I forgot. Events will be public.
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