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Hey falks :)

Hi everyone
I've come to introduce myself as I really want to be part of AoC community.
So my nickname is Nostarian (for some unknown reason) but my friends call me Neri (more unknown reason) and I've been playing a couple MMO games in the past few years (RuneScape was a longtime love before I lost my interest for this game, and I still really like GW2). I'm tired of P2W games and unfriendly communities so I sincerely hope this game will overcome the others.
Can't wait to discover this world with you guys !


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    Welcome Nostarian and I hope you can enjoy the wait and hype until game release. There is some link information to give you, but I'm currently at school right now.. So if there is anyone else that has the information then thank you!

    If someone else doesn't post though Nostarian, if you look in previous welcome posts, there is a link to the discord chat, where people will be happy to answer any questions you have. There is also a Google document of confirmed answers to a large number of questions and is well worth the read.
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    Welcome friend Nostarian!

    You should join to the Discord:

    Also, you should read about <a href="">weekly key drawings</a>, and if you have not done so, check out the <a href="" target="_blank">developer's Q&A</a>.

    See you in the alpha!
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    Alright I'll take a look at it, thank you guys ! =)
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    Greetings and welcome
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    Hello Nostarian!
    Welcome to the AoC community!
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    Welcome Nostarian! Good to have you join us friend! I agree P2W MMOs suck!
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