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Immersive Idea for Alliances and Nations at War.

Hello, just thought of some ideas when it comes to interacting with cities/castles. It seems as though immersion will be very important to Ashes of Creation. Forging alliances and declaring war on other civilizations will play a big part to the economy of the world and I thought of some ideas that would keep the immersion of interacting with Cities/Castles.

Let's say you have two cities who agree to form an alliance. The king or mayor of that city that extended the alliance treaty would have to pick a neutral site where players would have to meet in game and sign the treaty themselves. King A decides to write a treaty to King B. King A would manually write a letter to King B that would appear in game to King B via courier or some form of mail system. King B must then choose to accept terms of engagement or decline them. Perhaps the letter could also contain alliance stipulations such as King A giving scientific knowledge in exchange for crafting resources or agricultural supplies from King B.

Having the two parties meet in game would make both leaders vulnerable during the deal leaving them open for betrayal from the other party. Each leader must be protected by other in game players belonging to their respective alliance. By meeting at a neutral sight you could avoid one side having more help than another in case of an attack by one group. Perhaps you could have a maximum of 10 other members of each city that are able to participate in the treaty to avoid one group bringing 50 players and the other having only 10 players.

During this interaction if one group were to assassinate the king they could gain control of the other kingdom or perhaps just remove that player's title as king and allow for a new leader for that nation.

Just an idea for promoting player interaction when it comes to forming alliances or declaring war.
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