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Why do you all play MMO's?

It's just a general question, but I thought I would ask anyway.

Personally, I play MMORPG's for the storylines and how the story fits into the lore. My personal favorite MMORPG's are Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars The Old Republic because of their deep lore, and I personally enjoy those universes.

I tried World of Warcraft and was bored to tears because I couldn't get into the lore. Same with ArcheAge.

I know that we don't really know a lot about the lore (the devs want us to discover the world and lore as we play and compile information and such), but I hope that it's something that I can enjoy.

At any rate, I'm interested in hearing your replies.

Thanks and have a great day or night!



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    sometimes I like to play alone, and explore and do my own thing. Sometimes I like to play with other people and work together for a common goal. and sometimes I like to just sit around and chat to people about random stuff. an mmorpg lets me do all of those things.
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    Because I hate myself
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    I play MMORPGs to play with other people. Make friends, Socialize, and play challenging content. If I want to play a game for Lore and solo like today's MMORPGs I will just go play neverwinter nights 2.
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    I enjoy to sit and read, an mmorpg allows me to socialize and delve into the story and be a part of something.
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    Greetings azraelpc, and welcome to the AoC community!

    To answer your question, I'll keep it short and sweet.
    I personally love to play MMO's to see the work and time the developers put into projects.
    I've found when things aren't rushed and the development team isn't just working to work but doing what they love, the game tends to blend a lot better and is able to have me spending sleepless nights playing nonstop.

    Feel free to join in on the AoC Discord channel to talk live with other members of your community.
    - -

    Again welcome to the community and enjoy the ride azraelpc !
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    Personally because of the people and the experience player made content creates. In offline rpgs your choices often are limited. With newer installments (skyrim+mods, zelda botw, witcher 3, horizon zero dawn to some extent, etc.) certain there is also some sort of satisfaction when it comes to epic situations but you can't beat the mmo experience in general when players are actively involved.

    Sure for the most part it is not much more than anything else but playing drunken while wrecking players in a dungeon siege just to get wrecked by them later in the open world just to wreck them at the open world dungeon boss and essentially starting a 2 hour rabbit chase through the whole game world was kinda funny. Unfortunately I nearly broke all of my spare equipment (had 4 full maxed spare sets) and even my character down-leveled this day. Still was one of the best experiences I or I should say we as a guild had back in Rappelz. Had also some dope moments in Aion while farming around the divine fortress for blood stains often starting a faction war.
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    I play uninstanced, sandbox, full loot, pvp MMORPGS. Pvp in those games gives me an adrenaline rush because I have something to lose or possibly something to gain.
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    They fill the void.
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    Because is so fun to trolling your mates and make your guild leader upset with you :P
    I also enjoy so much the pvp with my guild mates ,,and running for my life in panic lol
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    Mostly this
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    I play MMOs because they allow me to be someone other then myself, and I dont mean it in a sense of "depression" or not being comfortable in my skin. But more along the lines of being able to show others how I actually see myself! I can be silly, crazy, and cute and no one really cares because no one is trying to micro-manage every interaction. They are fun yes, but they go so much deeper then that. I live through my characters and have vested so much energy, creation, and devotion to them when I play. Each unique with a backstory and narrative goal. Games allow for a different sorta release from the real life that is so negative and angry all the time. I can write my own narrative and have control over what I do and how that affects the people around me. MMOs allow fantasy to stay alive and eliminate the need to stress the hard coldness that surrounds the negative aspects about race, nationality, creed, or social status because we can all, as players, unite around a commonality that we share...the joy of living in a world not bound by the laws/reality of the outside one.

    oh....and the outfits i put together are so freakin' adorbs! :P <3 #voteGEMIICHANforQUEENofFASHION
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    I always thought I never liked playing games, until some years ago when someone showed me some pictures of a MMO coming out a year later and I sort of fell in love with how it looked. The characters looked super cute, the maps looked beautiful so I decided to try the game out. That's when I fell in love with MMOs. You can make the character look like the way you want to (the costumes omfg). You make your chara stronger, meet new people in guilds and do dungeons together. The stories are amazing and original most of the time as well. The game I started with was just a little MMO. Over the years I played other MMOs and fell more in love with them lol. But why I play these MMOs, is definitely because I can play them with my boyfriend. That makes the games so much more fun!
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    azraelpc : ESO (current) and SWTOR (previous) are exactly my favorites too! :)

    And why I play:

    - FIRST (what I do first when I start an MMO): a good story & lore (but once I have done the story I am finished with PvE)

    - MOST IMPORTANTLY: good open world PvP and a good, fun PvP community - this is 99% of what interests me in an MMO!
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    Mostly for the nuanced game play. If I feel like dungeoning, I have that. If I want to run around solo, I have that. Everyone has their way. Mine is mostly solo, but with my current go-to game (ESO on Xbox), I also enjoy PvP. I'm not really a "grinder", so that aspect and just the fact it can be done, is offsetting to me. I don't care much to group often, because it's distracting when I'm trying to run solo. Some people become bored with solo play and need groups to compete or otherwise have a "purpose".

    The bottom line: I like to play how I like to play. I'm a maverick and MMORPGs seem to afford me the opportunity to exercise that style.
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    I enjoy the common bonds shared when a guild accomplishes something together. When you prepare by accumulating gear, weapons, crafted items, etc and finally down that boss - it's exhilarating. It's a fun way to get the adrenaline going without actually putting yourself in real danger.
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    I like to interact with other people. Have a little Chat, help each other - just be a nice person. I don't care about the story, there are plenty of tripple A offline games with a great story on the market. I don't care about the combat system, F2P, P2P, P2W - I just wanna have a nice Community.
    And I think this one can be very great :)
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