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Sugoi Gaming (PvX - NA)

Sugoi Gaming - (PvX/NA)

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Recruitment Message

First and foremost, Sugoi is a high profile PvP guild. We're a community that mixes hardcore competitive gamers with more casual players, and produces successful teams that have a lot of fun together. We intend to compete and win in Ashes of Creation in every aspect, PvP, economically or otherwise. We have our roots in WoW, LoL, AA, and are currently in Crowfall, but our focus will shift to Ashes of Creation when the right time comes..

We use a contribution and attendance based system to track activity within the guild, and we reward success. We have a busy schedule planned - there will be organized group activities almost daily, and you'll always have something to do. Organized group events are taken very seriously and member input is highly valued.

What we can provide

At Sugoi, every player isn't just a number to us. Our Leadership takes the time to get to know the skills and needs of all of our members. We realize that each player wants to succeed in their own right.

We tasked ourselves with coming up with fair systems that allows for players to receive what they deserve. In Sugoi you earn your fair share of the spoils through working with the guild to accomplish your personal goals as well as the guild's goals. We are firm believers in this balanced concept of earning your fair share, so don't worry about under the table deals because we don't have them. There are many spreadsheets of our loot and bank transactions that make management as transparent as possible when it comes to distributing and providing loot. Here is an example of how it was done in ArcheAge. Transparency in our book keeping is key to make sure our leaders don't cheat our members out of what they deserve. This way we can accommodate all types of players from casual to the hardcore. Naturally the hardcore members will end up earning more loot.

In addition to our management style, our leaders and some core members are all hardcore players who have a long history of being the top 1% of players across multiple games. The D1's+ of League of Legends, the masters and grandmasters of SC2 and the 2200+ rating WoW players. Although these aren't requirements of joining our guild, we have much respect for our members who have this sort of history in gaming. Our leadership also comes with the large scale PvP combat experience in ArcheAge where we picked up a few tactics and because of that, we are one of the only strong standing original guilds from release. We can guarantee that we will give it our all in Ashes of Creation in making sure we have the type of successful guild that we want to create.

For more information on the guild leaders check out the Guild Leader Bio's

In short we can provide

A very fair resource distribution system
Honesty and Transparency
Strong/Experienced Leadership

What we're looking for
Competitive PvPer's that fit well with our group. The more competitive the better . We want all types of players in this section from casual to hardcore. Although we have a section set aside for those who are the most hardcore, we want every player to feel comfortable with the level that they are at. We also offer training for members who seek to better themselves by our elite PvP members

Crafters - We realize this is going to be an important part of the game. As one of the first games out there where the person crafting actually matters, we want to recruit quality crafters as well.

Bankers - To help manage our complex system of obtaining, trading, distributing, and managing money. We want players that know how to play the economy game and love doing so.

Harvesters - Sugoi is a self-sufficient guild, we need all types of players to keep it running. With the release of new information, we find it appropriate to recruit for this area of the game as well.

We want people who can think for themselves and make the best decision without needing a leader to lay out exactly what you have to do all the time. We emphasize quality over quantity in our player base (although quantity is nice) and have high expectations for our players. Individual talent is recognized and highly valued within our guild.

Note: If you are noticed in game for your outstanding plays, a recruiter from our guild will most likely reach out to you as well.
I'd also like to add that there is no age minimum or cap to join our guild. your maturity level and how you conduct yourself will be assessed over a regular interview process.

Also, Sugoi does not condone cheating, hacking, botting, key broadcasting or any other activity that takes away from the game as Intrepid Studios intends it to be played. Anyone caught doing anything against the TOS or our code of conduct will be reported and kicked from Sugoi.

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To apply: Submit an application at

<strong>Note:</strong> There are currently no plans scheduled to participate in the Alpha as we are currently invested in another game at the moment. There is an application available to apply for our Ashes of Creation section, however there is no guarantee of activity until a later date. Please send a message to CuddlesthePanda over discord for details :).

Come chat with us!:

Sugoi has an Anime flavor to our guild structure and naming themes. Many of our members are Anime fans. This has no effect in-game, and you don't have to enjoy Anime to apply.


  • OwO quite the Read. Really Liked how thorough this one was - Unique. Best of Luck to you ^~^

  • Thanks!! we're in the midst of preparing for another game but this one was such an eye catcher
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