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Game Funding

Forgive me if i have missed this being answered some where else. Will AoC be funded via the traditional method, or will there be some form of crowd funding?

I for one wouldn't mind the choice to fork over some cash now for some goodies later in the game.


  • As far as i know the game already has been funded. No need to worry good sir. You will be able to invest your money in the Kickstarter tho :D. You can get your goodies this way.

    Edit - the kickstarter should start in 4-6 weeks and there will be a 2 week countdown beforehand
  • From TheLazyPeon's review video from this they told him, That they have not done a crowd funding setup yet, as they want to get at least a years worth of work to prove that it will be worth funding, as most companies just get the funding and only have concept art to show for it. As far as I know they plan to set up Crowd Funding with-in the next month.
  • Thank you guys for the info. I like it when they put forth the effort before sticking out the hand. I have been burned in the past that way. That said based on the way the have talked about some of the systems i see some great chance to use it for crowd funding.

    I am excited which every way it pans out! :D
  • Very exciting!!
  • Where will the count down be displayed ? just curious if anyone knows :)
  • [quote quote=9548]Where will the count down be displayed ? just curious if anyone knows <img alt="????" src="" />


    I would assume, in AoC website and forum.

    found it thanks @ aeunexcore its on the home page lmfao

    *smacks face should've had a V8 *
  • The Kickstarter launches May 1.
  • at this rate the kickstarter should be funded fully within the next hour :D
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