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Legion of the Faithful (Divine-themed guild) [NA, PVE, some RP]

<strong>Legion of the Faithful</strong>

Legion of the Faithful is an NA-based guild rooted firmly in PvE with optional RP to supplement it for those who choose. The guild is flavored towards the Divine forces in Ashes of Creation - though little is known of them at this point, we do know that they are a serious influence on the lore and mechanics of the game. Legion of the Faithful is open to all players, regardless of play style, class, or any other factor.

The Legion's first goal will be to enter the world and stake a claim for itself. We will immediately set out and find a Divine Node to become our home base. From that point on our primary focus will be to maintain that city as a pacifistic haven for any who wish to engage in trade and diplomacy. Though the guild will have a strong presence in the city, all are welcome and encouraged to plant roots regardless of guild affiliation. The ultimate goal is to create a sprawling metropolis focused on unity, cooperation, development, and veneration of the whole Pantheon.

The Legion is in its beginning stages, but it needs a strong and dedicated base of believers to secure its claim to the world. The Founder (that's me) is looking to take on a leadership Council that will equally share in the guild's administration, Officers to oversee distinct efforts (such as an Artisan Officer, a Dungeons Officer, and a Lore and Roleplaying Officer), and general membership to bolster our ranks.

Though the guild is based primarily on PvE and the advancement of its home city (and hopefully an additional castle), plenty of opportunities to RP will be provided for those interested. The RP will follow the theme of the guild, creating a Church hierarchy to spread the mission of the Pantheon and combat its enemies. Guild members are encouraged to participate, but choosing not to will have no effect on guild involvement.

If you're interested, just comment here! Tell me a bit about yourself, why you're interested in Legion of the Faithful (LotF) , and what you hope to achieve within the Legion. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you over time.

I encourage you to join our Discord and introduce yourself!


  • I Wish to Join this guild on the forefront of staking claims for the divine

    ~5th Dimension
  • Sounds like a great plan. In almost any game MMO or otherwise I typically prefer PvE and the Divine Node sounds like it is right up my alley. Can't wait to join up with you guys and get to adventuring!
  • Your guild's concept is interesting. I mainly focus on crafting/trade/pve with some pvp mix. I'd like to join up with you guys and see where this new world takes us.
  • Glad to hear you are interested! Come check us out at Discord (the link is up above in the OP) ( or use this link ) and we can chat some more about who we are and what we hope to accomplish in AoC.
  • I would be super stoked to join up with you guys when you start up!
  • That's awesome to hear Azure, if you want come check us out and chat at the Discord channel. That is where you can learn more about the guild, the devs, the game and get up to date news on pretty much everything. You can use one of the links above or this link -> to join!
  • I would love to join Legion. My goal would be to eventually be a holy judge of the church. Just like the Amyr Ciridae from The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. My ultimate goal being “The Greater Good”. Since we would be a peaceful guild open to all, I imagine when evil intended people stake up in our city the church will need a strong right hand to reestablish peace and order. 
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    I have tried to join the Discord channel using the links you have posted, but none of them work.  My Discord username is Stik#8418.  Can you send me an invite to Discord?

    I definitely want to get some more info on the guild.  Sounds like a good fit for me.
  • Bump.

    Is this guild still recruiting and active?
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