Node Function: Message Board

Hello there,

I was reading somebody else's post and it got me thinking about the central hub of any node - of where you can go to get all the information you might want without using some kind of UI.

The role of the Message Board.

The Message Board's intention is to communicate the Node's stats to the player along with other bits of useful information.

Node Level - The Message Board only appears at node level 3, stating the node name and level - think Town, city, the capital city.

Wealth - The Message Board tells the looker the general wealth of the node, ie, how much value the caravans travel through, the general quality of crafted good.

Ownership of land - the Message Board communicates a city map - along with the names of the shops and what they offer (Server assigned names to avoid names like "cuck's cook shop". This is for those crafters who buy land and sell their goods, think of it as adverts.

Bounty Board - The Message Board communicates the location of bounties (Within the last 10 minutes to avoid ruining it for bounties on the run! but this could update the closer they are to the town.

PvP stats - Tells of a number of unflagged murders and caravan raids

PvE stats - Tells of a number of large world bosses killed within the node.

In-game events - Tells the players of upcoming in-game events such as events and holidays.

The message of the day - The elected mayor can select pre-written messages that offer the city a small buff. (5% resource gathering buff, or 5% crafting success, 1 extra guard for the use of Caravan guards.)


  • I would assume they would have something of these sorts. As a lot will be happening in these nodes, that could/would be one of the main ways to stay up to date, as well if they did a news paper system.
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