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[NA] Euphoria || Hardcore PvX


- Guild formed with the sole purpose of being one of the top guilds in Ashes of Creation.
- Giving equal amount of attention to both PvE and PvP.
- Members currently consist of mostly Veterans of other MMO/Games.
- There will be constant exploring, running dungeons/raids, trading, etc.
- Age Requirement of 18+

( We also play different games because we have nothing else to do but wait so don't be afraid to join our community.)
Games such as:
- League Of Legends
- Overwatch
- Counter-Strike Global Offensive
- Osu

If you would like more information, you can come visit our discord. We'll gladly accept you.


  • It's great to see that NA has so many competetive spirited guilds! Good luck on your path to domination!
  • [quote quote=9699]Guild formed with the sole purpose of being one of the top[/quote]
    Have you ever been top in other games? Which?
  • you didn't make your discord invite permanent...

    my apologies, I changed the link. Thanks!
  • (I'm not really a fan of this generation of MMORPGs because they usually have the P2W aspect which I dislike. What's the point of putting in so much effort and experiencing the good and difficult times to get gear when some person can just swipe n win.)

    In games such as Revelation Online, BnS, and TS
    I grinded the game extremely fast in Beta and reached near max level in a couple of days and with decent gears. (Too much p2w)

    I disliked BDO because of classes not have a specific role and the constant need to find new activities to do. AA is basically P2W with boring dungeons. I played AA for the first time for about a week (hence the boring dungeons) and I was around 3700 gearscore. (GHA celestial leather with MS nodachi)

    I've spent the most time in a MMORPG called Aura Kingdom. That game is also P2W.. BUT it had these magical **** you could have as sidekicks and that sold me (I'm a filthy weeb). I played the game for about 3 years and I've been the best PvPer for all classes for about 2 1/2 years.

    I never really stuck with one P2W game long enough to remain at the top of it. I would reach the top in the early stages and drop the gane afterwards since I was not interested on continuing to invest my time and energy.

    Ashes of Creation seems like the best MMO that I've seen in a while. And if the game is anything like what I've heard/seen, I will be investing alot of time and effort to support the guild so we can become one of the best guilds together.
  • Glad you fixed the Discord link!
  • np!
  • Interested but would like some further information.
    I am currently looking for a guild more on the hardcore side, while still being laidback. I'll push myself to be the best but I'm not keen on being told how to grind by someone who doesn't pay for my sub.
    That being said I've been in most MMORPG's since Rune scape was in beta, so I know the score so to speak
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